LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 7)

Soory friends for the late i went out with my family and i came late sorry

The episode stars with the guards calling rahul and informing about sachin
Rahul:GOOD keep following remeber he should not see you both
Guard : sure sir
usha:who is on the phone?
rahul:guards who are following sachin he have reached the school
shlok:sachin looks talks are just like you
rahul:ofcoures he is my son then he will be just like me

Kajal:he is going to pick sahil tomorrow
raghav:then we can go now itself
rahul:i am not ready to face my children i dontknow WHAT THIS LOVE HAS DONE TO ME first it sperated my wife now i cannt face my children
rajveer:chachu we are happy that we got a brother and sister first lets meet them and fix there pblm and then we can tel them
shlok:first we should find who is that little boy and why they adopted them lets keep 2 bodyguard without his knowledge and follow him to get the deatils

Teacher:sahil is avery good student again he is the class topper
Sachin:wow thats sound good
Teacher:here is the report card
Sachin:Thank you mam sahil lets go
sachin calls anika and tells about sahil reports
anika:hey thats good give the phone to him
sahil:hai didi
anika:hai sahil very good you again got agood marks now come home quick
sahil:k didi
some one picks the phone from anika
guess who?

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