LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 6)

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Sachin is in phone talking to anika hey anika i just saw the news whats happing is daksh has started his game again?
anika:ya but shivya controled him but i didnot except shivya will accept our marriage infront of media
sachin:jiju have done a good job but i am afarid what will be pinky aunty reaction?
anika:pinky aunty is annoyed shivya told he will handle her
sachin:tomorrow i am going to pick sahil
suddenly the door bell ring in sachin houes
anika:whos that?

sachin:let me check he went and opened the door and schoked to see the entire goenka family there he said to anika he will talk to her later and cut the call come in uncle come in aunty
rahul touches his head and pated his face tears start to roll them from his eyes and how are you beta?
sachin:(confused)i am fine uncle why are you crying is everything fine?
rahul:wiped his tears and said i am fine
sachin:what happened why are you pepoles here at this time?
raghav:actually we saw on news about your sister and shivya how did that marrige happen can you show the photos

sachin: smiled even my sister doesnot know she will be marrying shivay on that
sachin tells them how shivay kidnapped sahil and forced anika to marry him hearing this rahul shlok and usha get very angry they asked him your a cid officer you can file a case against him
sachin:do you pepole think i didnt ask anika regarding this?anika said for dadi shake to leave this matter later i don’t what happen with them now they are deep love i don’t know WHAT THIS LOVE HAS DONE TO THEM hearing this rahul gave a schok reaction to sachin and they made excuse and leave from there


Rahul ask 2 guards stay there and oder them not fall sachin eye and spy him
Gaurds S sir
sachin inform anika about goenkas visit to the houes and inform her about picking sahil tomorrow
Sachin left to pick sahil in his bike
Seeing sachin sahil run and huged him sachin picked him in his arm and kised his checks


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