LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 5)

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Rahul is proud that his son is a MBA GOLD MEDLIST and ask about anika
kajal:i don’t about her i just sawed her photo
usha:my grand daughter got married to oberios but we all don’t know about that my family
shlok:mom i said na i and rahul are sigining a deal with him he is a gentle man and hope he will be good with anika
rahul:i think we should inform shivay about it

suddenly ranveer came running and says switch on the tv and see the news they see shivay accepting anika as wife not tia and ranveer arresting dash
raghav:what all this drama?how did anika married shivay and who is this tia?
kajal:one person can answer your question
kajal:sachin only hr knows the answer of our question
rajveer:then whats the need of discussion lets go there and ask him
rahul:wait he doesn’t know how we are related to him if we say i am his dad he wont accept me and answer my question lets go tomorrow and ask him
kajal:but tomorrow he is going to pick sahil that is their adopted brother

precap:same precap

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