love what have you done to me ishqbaaz and beinteha (Part 42)

The episode starts with anika showing annaya photo to arnav tears starts to flow from his eyes anika was confused and ask what happened arnavji why are you crying arnav rubbed his tears and smile and says i will make a move and cares anikas face and turns to leave while shivya try to say something but before that arnav left while anika make a exces she will refresh and come mahi ask whats going on shivya replied i will tell you later while arnav ask his driver to drive the car to goenka mansion arnav cannt control his tears he could not belive his mother is death
Back ground song
mom mom where are you mom
if you are not here then who will be my mom
i searched you a lot but i cannt find you
enough of this hide &seek please come back
oh my mother you left your life
you made me suffer alone
today i need you to sing lobby for me to sleep
i want you to open your eyes for the song i sing that is enough for me
mom mom where are you mom
if your not here then who will be my mom

you slept before me why are you angry at me oh my eyes oh my lady god you should remove the dust in my eyes
oh my god what is this cures itis bcz of the sin which i commited long back
my day has become ni8 i am scared of it without you as my light it has become dark one part of life is gone and i have become alone

arnav reaches goenka mansion
rahul and shlok is schoked seeing him
rahul:arnav you are here what happened beta
shlok:he must come to dedtroy our happines
arnav:i came to say that sachin found all your past but he doesnt know your his dad he must not know untill you clear sachin and anika misunderstanding
hearing this everybody smiled arnav left the place when he comes out the clouds a little and sun rays fall on him he feels annaya blessing in it

song continues in lady voice
even after i left you have to live long you have my breath inside you
the milk will be white the flowers will have smell the gods are there in the world i live
your my pride your father is also my child
the distance is not an issue dont worry my child the world is before you
the time will change your life will also get changed my will be your child in my next birth
male voice
mom mom where are you mom
if your not here then who will be my mom
female voice
whereever you go i will come with you see the mirror you can see me
malevoice:mom you left your life
femalevoice:even your my life
malevoice:i want you to sing a lobby for me
female voice:you can hear my lobby whenever you sleep

precap:goenkas invite oberios for raghav marraiage

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