LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 4)


Anika is arranging her clothes shivay comes in and ask her why cannt you advice your brother to give up his cid officer
Anika:why what happened?
shivay:do you know when he came home last night?

anika:some time he won’t be coming home for 2 or 3days these are common for cid officer
shivya:but he is risking his life
anika:come on shivay this is his childhood dreams
shivya comes and backhug her and says even i know that but what if something happens to him
anika:my dear husband i know you care for sachin and sahil sachin is my elder brother he can take care of himself
shivya kisses her hair and says ok i will leave now bye

Kajal is crying and everybody also got tearvin eyes shlok was about to slap her but rahul stops him and say bhai plz leave her
shlok:how could i leave her rahul she betrayed my trust she has snached my brother happines how could i leave her
rahul:i know this already

rahul noded his head in yes and tells how he come to know about this and how annaya requested him to keep this as a scret for the sake of raghav,ranveer and rajveer hearing this the 3 brother huged their chachu and started crying vigrously suddenly something struck rahul and ask kajal have you seen annaya how do you know?
kajal:when asked sachin about his family he said he has twin sister and an adopted brother and showed his mother photo i was shocked to see the photo that is annaya photo when he said she is their mother and she and she
shlok:and she what?

kajal:she died in a car crush 3 years befor saying this kajal and others started crying
usha:wah you have done a good work after 3generation a girl is born to this family but nobody knows that this houes bahu died no one knows that my grandson adopted a boy saying as his brother no one in this houes has clue about it every rakshband your 3 sons is eagaring for a sister to tie rakhi they have their own sister to tie rakhi but she has not tied them a rakhi its all because of you rahul lets go meet my grand son and grand daugher ask they are name from your bhabhi
kajal:sacin and anika the boy whom they adopted his name is sahil anika got married
rahul:what?but with whom?

kajal:shivya singh oberio
shlok:i know him we are going to sign a deal with him
kajol:i saw shivay today in sachin houes sachin told me they got married and shivya also told that sachin is a MBA GOLD MEDLIST
Rahul smiles in a proud

Precap sachin picks sahil from school

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