LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 3)

By seeing annaya photo kajal started to cry and cann’t able to control it sachin:what happened aunty is everything fine

kajal:yes beta i am fine you mom looks like my devarani she is also like ayounger sister to me i feel like seeing her what about you father you know him
sachin ;no aunty plz plz dont ask about that man i hate him bez of him we are suffering a lot

kajal:beta you never tried to find him atleast for sister anika
sachin: she hates him more than me we will never consider him as our father
kajal:what will you do when yiu meet him
sachin:i wilk forget i am an cid officer and i will kill him i will him with own hands
kajal started to cry thinking its because of me because of me of your both are suffering because of me your hating rahul i promise i will make everything fine i will get every right of you both and make you both call rahul dad


Sachin dropped kajal there every body look so exited seeing kajal her sons hugged her
rajveer :we thought we missed you
raghav:thanks for saving our mom
shlok:yes thank you so much beta

sachin:no need to say thanks as a cid officer i just did my duty anyway its time to leave
usha:no beta have breakfast with us

sachin:no aunty its already late i have to go bye
seeing sachin leave kajal started crying in mind this is your houes but your coming as a guest but i will fullfill my promies you and your sister will get every right of this houes son and daughter seeing kajal crying
raghav:mom r u k?
kajal noded in no where is rahul?
ranveer :chachu is in study room

kajal: i have to meet him
shlok:wait 1st take rest then meet him
kajal:no shlok i have to meet him immediatly saying this she started to go shlok and usha followed her
raghav:i dont know what is in mothers mind chachu always scold mom but mom is always try to do good for him
ranveer :this is happing after chachiji left
rajveer:lets go and see what is happening

Rahul : what do you want kajal bhabi?
kajal: i want to speak to you about annaya
usha:i don’t want to hear that name in my houes i don’t want to know anything about her
kajal crying if i said what happened before 25years annaya has nothing to do withit she is innocent she is not at fault then you will not let me speak
hearing this every one gave a schok expression to kajal rahul closed his eyes in pain
usha:that police complient had annaya sign

kajal:s mom but she doesnt know the paper she signed is a police complient her brother took sign saying it is a tender his pa threw that paper i gave that paper to police i am responsible for dads death i am responsible for your jail going hearing this everybody stood in schok usha slaped kajal

Precap:Kajal said annaya died 3years ago in a car crash

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