LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 2)

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Sachin was sleeping in a room somebody knock his house door he woke up and see the time 7:00am

sachin: its 7:00am who will be coming by this time
kajal:(afarid) who will be beta whether those people found i am in your house and come to kidnap me again?
sachin:don’t worry aunty i will take care you just wait here i will check he took his gun and went to check who is outside he opened the door and showed the gun
person:raised his hand up huh..

person:noded his head in yes and fully scared seeing the gun
(the person is khanna shivya pa)
sachin:what r you doing here?
khanna: swallowed salaiva and said i i looking in left side
sachin:what happened is everything fine with anika?
suddenly some one pushed him in and hold his collar when did you come last night?when did you come?
sachin:jiju leave me i came by 11:30
(the person in shivay)

khanna:sir he is lying he came by 2:00
sachin:so you shifted your house to spy on me?
shivya:hold his collar tightly you started to lie to
sachin:jiju leave me and singnal him to look back
shivay:mrs goenka you are here?
sachin:you know her?

shivay: ofcoures i do she is kajal shlok goenka. Goenka family 1st bahu.
sachin:some one kidnap her and tried to kill her we saved her and brought her here for her safety and she will be going home today
sivay:do you remeber what day is tomorrow?
sachin:tomorrow sahil school closes i will be going tomorrow to pick him
sivay:good you remeber but bring him to my house i don’t trust you he will be safe there rather here
sachin:hey your saying i can’t take care my brother
sivya:yes and how many times i have to say leave your risky cid job and work with me your a mba gold medlist do you rember that
sachin noded his head in yes

shivya:think what i said again he sees his hand injured and ask what is it?
sacin:nothing just a small bullet wound
shivay:small bullet wound?k take care
saying this shivay leave
sachin:sorry aunty he is my brother in law my sister husband shivay singh oberio
kajal:i know him he will be siging a deal withbour company soon
sachin:oh thats good

kajal:you have not told me about your parents
sachin:my mother has divorced her husband before our birth and she died in a car crash 3years before
kajal:can i see her photo?
sachin:ya sure he took her to his room and showed a photo with grandland in it
kajal was schoked to see the photo and start to cry it was annaya photo



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