LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 18)

The episode starts in cid office sachin repoting to acp that all the 3 girls who got mudered where room mates and the 4th girl is tia the letter is written by tia her hand writing is matched suddenly some people enteres calling sachin they were raghav,ranveer and rajveer sachin gave a schoking expression
raghav:sachin i need to talk to you saying this he draged him
acp:hello hello who are you people where are you taking him?
sachin:sir this is raghav foenka,ranveer goenka and rajveer goenka
acp:oh so your goenkas if i am not wrong your mrs kajal shlok goenkas sons right?
sachin:yes sir
acp:k sachin only 10 min come fadt
sachin went with them

raghav:dad and chachu told your coming out from a biring factory
ranveer:why are puting your life in danger?you can oir business yoir
sachin interupt listen thats my job my juju asked me many times i have not answered him but i will answer you we have promised mom that we will not get into this indrustlist world
Nickel:sachin we have to go

savhin:coming sachin i have to gonsaying this sachin left with his co woker in the car the brothers understood why chachi got that promies and left the place sadly
sachin and hisbteam chases a man and reach a place where anika is organising the event he took a knife and place it in anikas neck and trents to kill her if they doesnot let him go daya and abhijeet divert his mind sachin comes from his back and stached the knife from him and frees anika and gave tight slap to hom freddy took that person from there
daya:anika are you ok?
anika:i am fine bhai

abhijeet:sachindrop her home and come to the office
sachin:yes sir
suddenly one person ask anika are you ok how this happen how the security is so weak
anika:sir sir sir i am fine
sachin:who are you?
Sachin:oh CEO AND SON OF RICHARD i have read about lot about you anyway i am sachin cid officer anf anikad twin brother


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