LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 17)

The episode start with shlok and rahul reaches home and tells usha and kajal regarding sachin usha:what how can he put his life in risk
kajal:when he saved me his hand was wounded due to bullet
raghav:we should talk to him regarding it i cannt see my brother risking his life every day

Anika is talking in phone regarding her work as a event organiser sahil enter there sees her talking in phone and waits after finishing she said sahil did you take your medicien
sahil:yes di my tablets are going to get over
anika:dont worry i will ask sachin to get it for you

pinky enters dont disturb him i have already got it anika gave a supries look pinky continued lunch is ready come down soon
sahil shake anika who is still in schok di what happened this is really pinky aunty or someone else

anika:i am also having the same doubt sahil she behaving good with us after the goenkas visit
sahil:ha di sachin bhai and i feels there is some connection btwn us
anika:even you both i to feel the same
thereis no connection saying this shivya entered yiu brothers and sister or thinking to much
anika:no shivya i feel really happy seeing them when they said they are considering me as a sister i feel very happy i dont know why

shivya in mind thats bcz your mother innocent is proved before them its just a illusion now both of you come down
after lunch anika tells shivya tomorrow she will be leaving early for an event organisation


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