LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 16)

Episode starts with rahul warning shivya
shivya:i know you love your son and dsughter after knowing about sahil you have accepted him as your son and love him also i promies i and my family will not harm them we are loving them as much you love them we will do still the end of this life
shlok and rahul smiles rahuk says dont think i am threating you its my duty as a father
shivya:i can understand

after finishing the deal shlok and rahul are in car and are going somewhere they see sachin coming out of a burning factory with some of his co works and all are coufing they got worried and went near him sachin sachin are you k beta shlok:driver get some water driver gets the water and gave to sachin sachin drank water and gave water to his coworkers who are also coughving rahul hugged sachin why are coming here what if sonething happed to you and started crying
sachin break the hug and looked at them confusingly uncle we are cid officer we have to take risk

daya:who are you both?
sachin:they are goenkas the lady we saved few days before her husband and devar
freddy:oh goenkas one of the biggest indrustlist in india anyway thanks for water now we have to continue our work

they left in the car

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