LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 14)

Episode starts with
om rudra:what?
om: so thats the reason goenkas bodyguards were following sachin
rudra:body guards?what bodyguards?
shivya tells about goenkas bodyguard following sachin
rudra:bhai does they know how you and bhabi got married?

shivya:i think no
om:they should not they are richer and more powerful then us they will definetly destroy you
shivya noded in yes
sachin:rudra rudraaa rudra where are you?

rudra:i am here sachin
sachin:where have you gone how long i have to search you give me the keys i have to go home
shivya:rudra lock him in the room he should not leave the houses after night tifin saying this shivya goes
sachin:but jiju
rudra:no buts come

om:go saying this om and rudra drags sachin to his room
shivya room
shivya sees anika lost in her thoughts what happened anika?
anika:no i am thinking about the goenkas i feel i have some connection with thrm
shivya in mind that is your family he huged and kisses her head nothing like that let me see they sre gift wow diamond set wear it he helped her wear it and took photos and send it to rahul

precap:rahul tells shivya that he knows how he married anika

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    Great episode

  2. Back to back episode… Waiting for the next update…

  3. Great!

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    Good one ?

  5. Superb epi

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