LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 12)

Sorry guys for the late update

Episode starts with rahul prasing anikas tasty food in mind your cooking just like your mother i missed her food for 25years you made me taste it again thank you so much beta

pinky:no need praies a girl who doesnt have a proper family back ground mr goenka
shivya:mom plz not in the front of guest
shlok rahul and usha gave a angry look at pinky
usha:this is a small gift from us for your taste food
anika:no no aunty
usha:dont call me aunty call me dadi
anika:k no dadi your our guest we should treat you well
shlok:plz beta for accept it
rajveer:open it
she opened it and found a beautiful diamond set
raghav:this is for you we always wanted a sister for us and today we got one
anika and sachin smile seeing theire smile rahul felt happy in mind hereafter you wont have any pblm here this is apromise of a father to his daughter

Rahul:mrs oberio why are you always scolding anika she is a nice girl
Pinky :that ladki stanched my son from me she doesnt have ap proper family background
pinky:stop it shivya they are adking i am telling
rahul:what will you do when she comes from i a very rich family then you
pinky:thoes brother and sister are just a trash in road they cant be a hire of a rich family

hearing this rahul get very angry and shouted yes they both are hire for rich family then you sachin and anika are my son and daughter
pinky gave a very schok reaction
shivya: it means your
rahul:i am annaya husband and tells them how they found sachin and anika hearing this pinky bowed her head shivya feels guilty and thinks how he treated anika and sachin before rahul tells i just want to know why they adopted sahil
shivya:i can help in that 3 years before after annaya aunty death her heart was transplated to sahil according them annaya aunty is alive inside sahil hearing this tear started to roll in rahul ryes

shivya inform om and rudra about rahul being anika and sachin father

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