LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 10)

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The episode start with rudra giving hifi to sahil hai my buddy how are you
rudra:so cid officer how are you are you free today or tomorrw
sachin:fine rudra right now free tomorrow no idea
rudra:you know being a cid officer you mis lot in life see me thought i got married i am a free bird
sachin smiles not notice soumya at back
rudra:after marriage every wife think that a husband lost his right to see another girl but mans most fun part is seeing another girl and flitering with them lets go outside and see some new girls
sachin:its so check whether this girl is fine?

rudra turns and see hey what is your taste your showing old girl i said new…uh rudra realised its soumya she gave thight knock on his head you will never change sahil if you be with him you will get spoiled come with me saying this she gets sahil from rudra hand and went inside
sachin put his hand around rudra shoulder your getting beaten by your wife dont you feel ashamed
rudra:even your co woker freddy is getting beaten by his wife does he feel ashamed?
sachin:k time to leave
rudra took keys from his bike your not going anuwhere today and tomorrow
sachin:but i took only one day leave
rudra:shivya bhai had made it 2 now you got 1 more leave now be a good boy and come in
rudra:no buts come in come in and draged sachin in

dadi was in the hall
sachin:namasta dadi
dadi:sachin putar how are you putar
sachin:fine dadi how are you how is your health
just then shivya entered wow cid officer has time to come to our houes
rudra:i took his keys and dragged him in
shivya:keep the keys with you or hid it somewhere make sure he doesnt leave the houes still tomorrow evening
sachin:but jiju
shivya:no buts sachin your staying here for 2 days no cid work for 2days and thats final
sachin noded his head in yes
shivya:tomorrow the goenkas are coming for breakfast they want you to here for special thanks
sachin:special thanks?
shivya:ya for saving mrs goenka.

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