LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Part 1)

Sorry guys i forget some more character
Usha Goneka – Mother of Rahul and Shlok loves both of them equally hate annaya ask Rahul to forget annaya

Raghav Goneka – Elder son of Goneka love his family role model for his siblings King of Construction business

Ranveer Goneka – Second son of Goneka love his family friend with his rahul uncle (but he doesn’t know his mother truth)King of stock Market

Rajveer Goneka – Third son of Goneka pet to all do some mischeif and get scolded by Raghav friend with his uncle rahul and second brother (doesn’t know his mothers truth) King of Fashion world

Now its 2:00Am
Sacin reaches home and opens the door
Sachin:Come in aunty this is my home ahhh…
Lady:Be careful beta let me open the door your hand is already wounded due to bullet
Sachin:Come on auty these are common for cid officer
Lady:You stay alone here beta?
sachin:right now i am alone before that my twin sister and my younger brother stays with me now my sister got married and my brother studing in 2nd std in boarding school
Lady:2nd std?
sachin:our adopted brother but now his one my life here drink milk and you stay in my sister room and this is my room if you want anything you can call me

guys any guess who is that lady it is kajal

Precap:Kajal sees annaya photo in sachin room

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