LOVE WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME- Ishqbaaz and Beinteha (Intro)

HAI Friends I am new here hope you all support me.
I am just giving the character if you all like it i can continue.

Sachin – Senior Inspector in CID Elder brother of Anika and Sahil love his job proud to be a cid officer love his twin sister Anika a lot equally love his adopted younger brother sahil love his late mother annanya(aaliya from beinteha) hate his father because he gave her divorce without understanding they are mother.

Anika – Wedding planner twin sister of Sachin and Elder sister of sahil wife of shivaay love her brothers and husband both equally proud of his elder brother misses her mother a lot hate her father equally

Sahil – 7 years old boy love his adopted brother and sister equally heart patient he was sent to a best boarding school by shivay

Shivay – Elder son of oberios love his brothers and wife consider sachin and sahil as his responsible wants sachin to leave CID and join his business since cid job can risk his life

Rahul Goenka – (Zain from Beinteha)Father of Sachin and Anika he doesn’t know he is having twin son and daughter he doesn’t know his wife is death he knows she was pregnant she her foe seeking forgiveness one of the top business man in India

Shlok Goenka – Elder brother of Manak loves his younger brother he doesn’t want him to search annaya because he still think she is responsible for her fathers death (he doesnt know the truth)

Kajal Goenka – Wife of Shlok separated annaya and rahul long back realised her mistake later encourage rahul to find her but rahul still hate her and blame her for everything

Guys if you find it interesting i can continue

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    Nyc,cont soon

  6. Its a bit confusing who is manak and what is the relationship between sholk and rahul

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      sorry it is not manak it is rahul shlok and rahul are brothers

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