Love doesn’t understand words – RagSan SS – Shot 3

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The story begins..,

“Kabir will you drive fast? You are too slow” said Sanskar to Kabir

“Sorry yaar, but I think there is some problem with the car” said Kabir and the car stopped abruptly

“Now what?” Sanskar asked

“Wait I will check!” Kabir replied and came out of the car and opened the car’s bonnet and a lot of stream came out of it

“Looks like it’s a very serious problem” said Kabir while checking it

On the other hand,

“Uffffff! Look there is so much attitude in the taxi drivers now a days, none stopped” said Ragini angrily while walking on footpath

She is wearing a multi color sleeveless mini dress till her thighs with minimal makeup, thin eyeliner and natural rose color lipstick and mascara with loose hair and white sneakers and purse, looking extremely cute and beautiful.

Screen changes to a road where a man is waiting for car.

“Looks like it will take more time. I will call to send another car from the company” said Kabir while cooling the motor

“No need of it. I will take taxi” said Sanskar and left the place

On the other hand,

“Go and sit at home!” Ragini shouted on taxi driver, when she failed to stop the taxi for the third time

“Everybody wants a taxi today! I have to go to interview as fast as I can otherwise back to my home town” said Ragini almost shouting cutely

Here Sanskar also gets irritated, when he did not find a single taxi.

“Taxi!” Ragini tried stopping a taxi, fortunately it stopped but unfortunately it’s a private car

“Where are you going beauty?” said guy huskily eyeing her

Ragini angrily came towards the window and said with attitude and anger, “To hell, do you want to come with me? Get lost don’t be mistaken by looks” said Ragini almost screamed and he got afraid and gets away from there

“Are you free?” Sanskar asked the taxi driver, when he was going towards the bakery

“Of course brother get inside. I will come back immediately” said the taxi driver

“Ok” said Sanskar and he started going towards the taxi and as soon as he was about to open the door, a girl came running and sit on the seat and she is none other than Ragini

“Ok, ok close it. Come on, let’s go” said Ragini to Sanskar supposing him to be the driver

“But this taxi is mine” said Sanskar politely

“I know it’s your taxi. Good… But I didn’t asked you whose name the license is! I said let’s go” Ragini said

“No you misunderstood me Miss” said Sanskar and smiled

“The thing is you didn’t understand me at all Mister. I am very late, let’s leave, come on” said Ragini

“You walk Miss, I am getting in this taxi” Sanskar said still trying to be polite

“Of course you will get in. So that we can leave. How would you drive without getting in? Stupid!”
Ragini said getting irritated

“Oh that’s the problem anyways! I am not the driver, I am the customer” Sanskar said losing his patience

Ragini gets embarrassed and gets out of the taxi.

“I am sorry. But my business is very urgent and it’s like a life and death game” Ragini said

“My business is also very urgent and important. But we can do one thing, we can go together.First he will drop me of my destination and then he will drop you on your’s” Sanskar said while smiling
and raising his eyebrows

Ragini huffed in anger and said with attitude, “What for? Why would I ride in taxi with a stranger?”

Sanskar looked around and said while raising his eyebrows, “Do you know the taxi driver?” Sanskar asked Ragini

“No” Ragini replied

“You will ride with him in the same car as well” Sanskar said

Ragini gritted her teeth and said with pissed off tone, “That is different and this is different, alright?”

“How so?” Sanskar asked and chuckles

Ragini looked around trying to find an answer, “Fine I would rather walk than ride with a man I don’t know”

“With two man you don’t know. I mean you forget taxi driver” Sanskar said while continuously smiling

“Urghhhhhh” Ragini exclaimed and turned towards the taxi to get her purse

“Ahhhhhh” Ragini shouted when her head got hit with the window

“Are you okay?” Sanskar asked and giggles a bit

Ragini holds her head, “Inhuman, Selfish, Cruel, what could you be? Yes you are a monkey” said Ragini with anger and left the place while Sanskar looks at her like, what she said right now?

Ragini started walking.

“Inhuman? Selfish? Cruel? Monkey?” said Sanskar with confusion

“Alright brother! Get in, where are we going?” asked the driver coming back from bakery

“Do you know SS Company?” Sanskar asked

“I know very well” the driver replied

“Good” Sanskar said

Suddenly Sanskar heard mobile’s ring tone. As he looked around, he find a phone, probably Ragini’s.

“She must have dropped her phone. Let’s return it to the lady and leave on our way” said Sanskar smilingly

“Did all the problematic people agree with each other to mess with me today?” said Ragini to herself
in irritation

“Lady… Lady” Sanskar shouted who came running with her phone in his hand and it goes unheard by Ragini

“There is logic, the man has logic, but his gentlemanliness is zero” Ragini said again to herself

“Little Miss” Sanskar said and touched her shoulder due to which she got afraid and turned back

“What’s going on?” said Ragini in irritation and Sanskar asked her to calm down

“Are you following me?” Ragini questioned him with open mouth

“No… No…” Sanskar replied

Ragini ignored him and saw a mobile in his hand. She again opens her mouth and said, “What do you have in your hand?”

“A cellphone” said Sanskar innocently

“And you are trying to ask my number without any shame?” said Ragini angrily

“Look Miss, you misunderstood me again and my patience is loosing out” Sanskar said

“What did I misunderstand huh? Oh listen everyone, his patience is running out” Ragini shouted on his face and she snatched the phone from his hand and throws it into the near by garbage, which was very dirty and smelly.

Sanskar’s eye widen and he opens his mouth widely shocked. And he look towards Ragini with a shocked look and bursts into laughter.

“What have you done?” Sanskar asked controlling his laugh

“I drew the line, enough” said Ragini shouting on his face

Just then her mobile rings and Sanskar crosses his arms with a smile on his face. Ragini looks here and there and starts searching her phone in purse. When she didn’t find her phone in purse, then she kept her face inside the purse making Sanskar’s grin more wider.

Ragini looks towards the trash and Sanskar. When her phone rang again, she innocently walks towards the trash and makes ewww face. She immediately covers her nose unable to bear the odour.
With much difficulty, she puts her hand inside the trash and begin to search her phone.

“Have a good day” said Sanskar and run towards the taxi

“Urghhhhhh” Ragini curses him and makes an irritated face

Precap : Ragsan second meeting at SS company

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  3. Its the total copy paste story of hayat nd murat…pls write something of ur own creation..would love to read that..

    1. Sumani

      Hi Ruhi. I already told that some words are not printing properly. I already wrote that it’s from turkish series. And I asked all readers opinions whether to continue it or not. All asked me to continue. So I did. I know it’s Hayat and Murat story. I too love the couple a lot. Coming to creativity I love to write the things on my own.
      I wanted to write the same story on Ragsan. If you already know the story, if you don’t want to read it again then don’t… It’s the same story I accept but to translate and write in English it takes hours. This story is just for entertain the readers not to hurt you or others. If any of the RagSan readers ask me to stop. I will stop it…
      Thank you… And I am sorry if I sound rude.

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      Hiii Nive. Thanks dear. It’s a turkish serial, Ask Laftan Anlamaz. My friend asked me to write in this forum. So I am writing that serial on name of RagSan. Hope your doubt got cleared.

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