Love doesn’t understand words – RagSan SS – Shot 1

Hellooo friends… I am Sumani. I love RagSan couple a lot. So i am writing a SS on them for first time inspired by Turkish series…

The story begins..,

A chopper is shown landing, and a man waiting for it to land. A handsome man with black eyes stepped outside. He is looking like a gentle man. He is none other than Sanskar Maheshwari and the man waiting for him is his driver and best friend too.

“So how are you my dear friend?” Sanskar asked

“I am like the same when you left me” Kabir replied

Sanskar laughed and Kabir opened the door for him. Kabir went back to his seat and started driving the car.

“By the way, how are you and how is your london trip” Kabir asked

“I am fine and my trip went well” Sanskar replied

“Okay… Where you want to go first?” Kabir asked

“To home. Why are you asking me like that?” Sanskar questioned

“No… You came to home from London after 6 months. I thought you find out any girl for you”
Kabir answered covering his smile

“Oh! Just shut up Kabir! I am there to handle business not for some personal reasons” Sanskar spoke

Kabir “Well… How can I expect such good things from you?”

Sanskar “Oh end this matter my friend”

On the other hand,

A small beautiful house is shown. Someone kept pan on stove, added oil, chopped some green chillies, onions and prepared a very tasty omelette.

Then the screen shifts to a room which has 2 seperate beds where 2 girls are sleeping peacefully.
They are Ragini and Ishani.

“Ishuuu!” Ragini says in a sleepy tone with her eyes closed

“Hmmm” Ishani also replied in a sleepy tone

“I am having a dream and guess what? There is a realistic omlette smell” Ragini says in a sleepy tone with smiling

“No… It’s not a dream. Even I can smell it” Ishani replied in a sleepy tone

Ragini “Awww… How cute… I think Aastha is trying to surprise us then…”

Ishani opens her eyes and says “Have you lost your mind? Aastha will be in the hospital. She is a Nurse” and throws pillow on Ragini for disturbing her sleep

Ragini “Then who is making omelette? This is the smell of true omlette. Like the one mom makes.
I mean like a true mom-made omelette”

“Breakfast is ready! Wake up now!” the same lady said who was making omlette in kitchen shouts

Ishani got up with jerk and sits up on bed.

Ragini “It’s my true mother voice” said Ragini opening her eyes and shouts “Mom” and fells from bed

“Mom! What are you doing here?” asked Ragini shockingly

“Wake up now, you lazy girls” said Ragini’s mother Janvi coming in her room

“When did you came here?” Ragini asked

“At morning 6” replied Janvi opening Ragini’s closet and packing her clothes

“What are you doing?” Ragini asked closing her closet

“I am packing” Janvi replied

“But why Aunt Janvi?” Ishani asked

“Her father said it’s enough. He said me to go and get the girl back” Jhanvi replied

Ishani held her head and gave look to Ragini like “Now what?”

“He said she finished her school and she didn’t find a good job. So he asked her to come back home. He also said from now on, he will stay by my side and will marry you to the landlord’s son” said Ragini’s mother Janvi

Ragini got angry and she kicks the bag.

“I swear by God I didn’t say it, your dad said it all” Janvi spoke

Ragini opens her mouth and gets more confused.

“All of this Dad said? When I spoke with him, he didn’t say anything to me” Ragini asked giving winning smile

“My dear, of course he won’t say anything to you, because he loves you so much. But has eaten my brain and life” Janvi said while laughing

Ragini looks down.

“Welcome Aunt Janvi… Bye… Bye Ragini” Ishani said while smiling

Ragini throws pillow on her and asks her to “Shut up!”

“Come on, we don’t have time” Aunt Janvi said to Ragini

“Uffffff” Ragini replied being irritated

Precap : Ragsan first meeting

So my dear sweet friends, tell me do you like first chapter? If you like it I will continue and increase the length of my chapters.

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