Love doesn’t have expectations- A SWASAN FANFIC (EPISODE-4)


Hello everyone. Thanks to all who liked my ff. Thanks to deeksha, anu , shwetha, shan and silent readers . Hope u’ll like this part.

Swara, Laksh and Aaron reaches their house.They show laksh his room and tells him to get fresh and come. Meanwhile Sahil comes home from his office.

Sahil- Shona, i heard that ur program was a great success. We’ve seen it . Everyone in our office are proud of u and aaron.

Swara- Ha sahil, We didn’t expect this will happen . All the credit goes to laksh.

Sahil- Who is Laksh shona.

Aaron- The one who is responsible for the show to become a grand success. And u know what sahil actually he is not the person who should be performed there. The guy whom we arranged became ill and at last moment laksh has agreed to come London.

Sahil- Really bhai, I have got an urgent meeting and i am not able to come there. I also want to meet him and thank him for helping us in our dream project.

Laksh who is coming down listens all this and says,

Laksh- If u want to thank him u can thank now also bcoz the person is me.

Swara- Sahil he is laksh. He is gonna stay here with us as his friends will be coming here for a trip.

Sahil- Oh that’s great . Nice meeting u Laksh i am sahil swara’s brother and thank u for coming to us. It’s really a great pleasure to meet u.

Laksh- Pleasure is mine and nice meeting u sahil. By the way only u three are living in this house.

By hearing this swara’s mood changes . Aaron observes this and tries to divert her mind.

Aaron- No laksh in this house apart from us our memories our parents and the quality time we have spent are present.

Laksh- Oh sorry guys, i didn’t mean to hurt u aall.

Sahil- It’s ok Laksh. If u all don’t mind i am feeling very hungry . Shona can u serve us food.

By listening to sahil’s words everyone laughs and they do their dinner .

After sometime they leave to their respective rooms. But swara goes to terrace.

Here Laksh doesn’t get sleep. He is missing ragini a lot. So he decides to go to terrace and finds Swara there. He thinks that because of him she is in mood off. He decides to talk with her.

Laksh- I am sorry swara . Because of me i think u r remembering ur old moments.

Swara- Swara turns and says its not like that laksh. The fact is i didn’t forget those moments. And no need to be sorry if i were in ur position i would also ask like that. So please leave that topic yaar.

Laksh- Thank god swara i thought u would scold me and i’m just thinking how to talk with u.

Swara- haha very funny laksh. Y vil i scold u laksh. Acha tell me what were u doing here at this time. R u not feeling comfortable here.

Laksh- No swara it’s not like that. ( just missing ragini he murmurs)

Swara- R u missing someone. If i am ri8 u must be missing ur girlfriend.

Laksh (unknowingly)- Ha i am missing her so much. He realises what he said . I …. um…….. I mean………….

Swara- oh c’mon laksh y don’t admit u r missing her. Tell me who is she.

Laksh- Oh swara i can’t win over u . Ya she is ragini , she is my friend but i love her i told u na my frnds are coming here she is coming here .

Swara- oh that’s great y can’t u propose her here. U know there are many places in London which are perfect for proposing someone. I must say u should try once.

Laksh- Thank u so much swara. U know u r the best. my friend sanskar u know he always teases me that i can’t propose her but ur support makes me feel that i can propose her. When she comes here i’ll definitely propose her.

Swara- That’s like a gud boy. U can do it laksh. And if u want any help u can feel free to ask me.

Laksh- Definitely swara i didn’t knew that u’ll have ideas like these . i just thought u r so formal. Thank u angel.

Swara- Angel, What was that for.

Laksh- u don’t know swara when we rin any trouble or confusion my mom used to say that angel will help us and see now u helped me . Then u r my angel no.

Swara- Swara feels good listening to laksh’s words.

Aaron hears all this from behind.

Aaron- Yes laksh u r ri8. She is not only angel for u but also our lives also.

Swara- Aaron u didn’t sleep till now.

Aaron- No swara. I came down for water but i didn’t find u in ur room so i came for u.

Swara- Ok guys, I am feeling sleepy i’m leaving u both also go and sleep fast.

Saying this swara leaves.

Aaron- Thank u laksh.

Laksh- thank u , for what.

Aaron- u don’t know yaar i and sahil are missing our old swara who used to be naughty and childish. After so many years i’m seeing the same shona now because of u.

Laksh- What happened y is she like this and i have observed the difference but as it’s personal i didn’t feel good to ask u . If u r comfortable u can tell me and i can help u .

Aaron says everything to laksh but doesn’t take raichand’s name . Laksh feels sad for swara after listening all this.

Laksh- I didn’t knew that she had suffered this much. I’ll help u in all the ways possible to bring back old swara.

Aaron- Thank u Laksh. Now i think we should go for sleep it’s already late.

They go their respective rooms.


Ragini doesn’t get sleep and she walks here and there.

Sanskar comes to her house to tell about their flight. He sees ragini feeling so restless.

Ragini( to herself)- Y i am feeling so odd when lucky is not near to me. Y i am thinking about him.

Sanskar- Because u love him ragu.

Ragini- Shocked by sanskar words and says it’s nothing like that sanky.

Sanskar- It’s everything ragini y are u not feeling his love. Trust me u can’t get a good person like that.

Ragini- What sanskar u know we r friends from childhood and u r also saying like that.

Sanskar- Acha then y r u thinking about lucky. U can think about me also no. But u r missing him. U r in love ragini. Understand that.

Ragini- I don’t know sanky but i feel so strange when he is not with me. Ok leave this topic and tell me what r u doing here at this time.

Sanskar- Oh i forgot to tell . Pack ur bags we r going to leave tomorrow ni8. And don’t worry u’ll understand ur feelings soon.

He hugs ragini and leaves.

Sanskar’s Home:

His PA calls him:

PA- Sir i have got all the details of sahil Williams.

Sanskar- Great . i’m going for London tomorrow u give mme the details and address of his house and office. I’ll try to meet him.

PA- sir, he has a sister named swara and friend aaron. They all live in same house . Sahil’s and Aaron’s parents died in an accident 5 years ago. And after that due to some reasons Swara has left her lawyer profession. I even got those details sir, swara and aaron have doubt that their parents were murdered and its not just an accident. They have doubt on somebody but i didn’t get the details of that person. And swara and aaron cannot prove them guilty so swara mam has left her profession.And mostly the thing is sahil doesn’t know any of these as he was studying in US at that time.

Sanskar- Oh i think this information is enough for us . Thank u Sharad. And send me the address i’ll try to meet them.

Sharad(PA)- Sir i have mailed u the details. And r u sure that u’ll manage sahil for our contract.

Sanskar- Don’t worry sharad i’ll come to india only after signing the William’s contract. And try to get the details of the person who r accused for
his parent’s death. If we find them we can get swara and aaron’s hep for our contract.

Sharad- sure sir i’m working on that only and have a safe and succesfull trip to London.

Sanskar- Thank u sharad bye.

Sanskar to himself- So mr. Sahil be ready to approve my contract.

Screen freezes on determined face of sanskar.

Precap- Ragsan leaving for London. Sanskar gets to know that laksh has performed for the charity of swara and aaron .

Guys i hope u vil like this episode. And i don’t know whether i’ll post tomorrow or not as i have to go to my hometown and signals will be low there. I’ll try to post tomorrow ni8 or on monday or i’ll try to ri8 an os as its sunday. What u say guys if u want ff i’ll post otherwise os. Need ur suggestions. Thank u guys.

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  1. Wow superb..waitng for nxt part. Update nxt part soon..

    1. Devikaa

      Thank u mahjabeen. I’ll try to update by tomorrow.

  2. Deeksha


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      thank u deeksha

  3. Abirsha

    awesome very nice…..

    1. Devikaa

      thank u very much shan

  4. little princess

    Good episode…liked swara-lucky mingling…as aaron revealed abt swara’s past to laksh,i waiting to see how lucky n aaron changes swara to the bubbly old swara…so in next chapter ragsan gonna reach london…so i thnk we could see too much of masti..even sanskar got some ideas abt swararon’s parents murder..and eventhough he dont know swara n aaron he is ready to help them so as to get the contract…i thnk after meeting them he would definitely help them to gather details….let sanky fall for swara at first sight n make him know abt her much and give some candid moments b/w them and just start their love story… Its just my suggestion..its ur ff and u may have planned everything…so if u like my suggestion then go for it.. Or else u continue ur story as u planned…i am waiting for further episodes..u just post either ff or os as ur wish..we will be glad to read…good to hear that ur uncle is fine…
    I’m from ernakulam,kerala… 😀
    Update next part soon

    1. Devikaa

      Yes princess. i’m glad u liked this. And thank u for ur suggestion i’m thinking how to make swasan first meet.

  5. nice dear

  6. little princess

    Let swara acompany laksh to airport…swara m sanskar should meet there somehow but both of them shouldnt identify eachother(like they should collide with each other n at the nick of time help swara from falling… He will be mesmerised by her beauty…then a romantic eye lock…then u plan rest of things…u can make it a casual one or any nok jhok..create a situation and do it according to that..u can make it love at first sight for sanskar n can he should be lost in her thoughts..)..later u can give another shock for sanskar when he comes to know that she is swara williams,sister of sahil…

    Otherwise…laksh n ragini can go to swara’s mansion directly and sanskar have to leave to meet sahil or someone else…in that journey if he meets swara then it will be more good..(it can be like…he has to see her helping someone in the road n all..
    Or else he can meet her at park…somehow he should come to park…after a long journey obviously he will be damn he will be sitting in a bench or something (eyes r closed) and will be indulge in some other thoughts.. At that time he hears a sweet voice who is laughing whole heartly with some kids..he finds the source of that sweet voice n get lost in her sweet voice as well as her beauty…its our swara who is playing with small kids..her childishness,cuteness,innocence n her beauty made him fall for him..
    And a beautiful curve comes in his lips..u show how he adore her childishness n bond with those kids in a nice way…( those kids r from orphanage…swara used to go there every weekend n take those kids to park n all to spend time with them.. Its the only time she forgets her bitter memories n laugh whole heartly… There u can see another swara who is so naughty, bubbly n all…)…swara n kids r playing n running here m there…she collided with sanskar while running and at the nick of time sanskar catches her…then a romantic eyelock…they broke their eyelock due to kids n composes themselves..
    Kids calls swara angel…so sanskar thought swara’s name is angel…if u want then u can show that sanskar mingles with kids n have a casual talk with swara but unaware of her real identity …then swara n kids bid bye to sanskar..swara hand shakes with sanskar n left from there but our sanskar lost in his own world..meanwhile swara n kids left..he totally forgot to ask her address…. Later he left to the place where laksh ask him to come..i.e, swara’s home…their he meets aaron,lucky n ragini and spend some time with them…later move on to their respective rooms..later swara comes her home…thethen u can create another situation in their home itself for their another meet…if u liked my concept then go for it after modifying it or else bring any other idea better than this..Actually i am not good at all these..but now i suggested whatever that came in my mind…i am sorry if it is bad

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    Good one

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    Laksh…d SuperStar 😉 (y) :*

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