Love doesn’t have expectations- A SWASAN FANFIC (EPISODE-3)


Hello guys. I am back with another part. Hope u vil like this. And thank u for all ur love.Here comes the next part. And little princess i don’t have words to thank u dear.


Sahron brings swara home. They make swara sleep.

Nextday morning.

Swara gets up and sees no one in the house. Suddenly she hears some noises in the kitchen. She gets afraid but goes there. But after seeing the

whole scenario she laughs madly.

Swara- What is this guys, I am feeling like i am in a market and not in my kitchen. If u need anything u can wake me up no what is the need to do

these all. Now who will clean this everything and our maid is also in leave.

Aaron- First of all, baby u r in ur kitchen only and come into waking u up we felt there is no need bcoz the great chef of our house aaron is here

and he made all ur fav dishes. And next thing i didn’t do anything . The whole mess is created by sahil. He winks seeing at sahil.

Sahil- No shona , Aaron is reversing the whole situation. Actually this mess is created by him only and not me. U know na sahil doesn’t know

cooking at all.

Swara(Looking angrily at both of them)- Stop it u both. I know very well. U both doesn’t know how to cook at all and making excuses o each other. I
know u have ordered all these items. Now stop ur nuiscence and clean the kitchen.

Sahil and Aaron saluting- Yes boss!

They clean the kitchen and three of them spend some quality time .

After sometime aaron goes to swara’s room.

Aaron- Swara, Why did u lie yesterday?

Swara- Swara was shocked by his words and says what did i lie aaron.

Aaron – Don’t try to act swara i know u have lied us i didn’t ask u there bcoz sahil is present . Tell me the truth now otherwise i have my plans how

to spit the truth from ur mouth.

Swara is in the verge of crying bcoz till now aaron didn’t talk to to her like this. Aaron notices this.

Aaron- I am sorry baby. U know my anger na . did u even know how i felt when i saw u lying on the ground like a lifeless body. U always cover ur

pains infront of others but i can easily catch u . now don’t worry tell me the truth. I bet u vil feel relieved after telling me and it’s better for ur health

Swara- U know y i went there . That is the place where my memories were present and that is the place where we lost everything. Sahil doesn’t

know anything about this bcoz he is in Washington doing his MS. He is thinking that our parents died in an accident. But we know the truth and we

know that it is not just an accident it is a pre planned murder. Being a Lawyer i am not able to prove this and punish the culprit. Just bcoz of my

negligence all the proofs we collected against the Raichands were gone from my hands and i am not able to give justice to our family. She broke

down into tears.

Aaron was also broken seeing swara in that state but he is feeling happy as she is crying whole heartedly which she’s been hiding from the outside world and being strong for her brother.

Aaron hugged swara- Swara don’t worry. Today or tomorrow we’ll get the complete truth with all the proofs and u know very well in all times only truth and good wins. U wait and see one day we’ll certainly punish the raichands and u vil start ur profession again. This is my promise to my best friend. Saying this he made her sleep. Aaron is so much happy seeing swara like this bcoz it’s been 5 years swara hide her pains from the world . But now she is relieved . Thinking that Aaron slept beside swara in sitting position.


There is so much crowd who is cheering for Laksh.Then an announcement comes:

Girl- A very good evening everyone and now i would take my pleasure in inviting our charity organisers Swara Williams and Aaron Black.

Yes, the charity which laksh came to perform was for swara and aaron’s charity.

Swara and Aaron enters the stage and greets everyone. They welcome Laksh and the program has started.

Laksh performs very well and all the charity members thank him for accepting their request in last minute and coming here.

Swara and Aaron gets to know about this and thinks to thank laksh personally.They got to Laksh.

Swara- Thank u Mr. Laksh. We just got know that ur program has signed in last minute. It really means a lot to us.

Aaron- Thank u laksh if u were not here i last minute i don’t know what would happen to our charity.

Laksh- That’s not a big deal guys. It is my pleasure to perform for a charity and i’m really glad that i am a part of this great event.

Aaron- if u want any help in this London u can call me anytime and gives laksh his business card.

Laksh- Ha actually i need a hotel to stay here. It vil be good if u suggest any nice ones.

Swara- Mr. Laksh what is the need of staying in a hotel. U can come and stay with us if u don’t have any problem.

Laksh- No swara actually my friends are going to come day after tomorrow. So it vil be a problem for u . We’ll stay in a hotel .

Aaron- Then it vil be perfect laksh . ur friends vil also stay with us and we’ll also have some great time with u all. We’ll show u all the Places in

Swara- Yes mr. Laksh . Aaron is ri8. We can have a great time.

Laksh- Ok i ‘ll come only in one one condition. U should stop calling me mr.laksh. it is so formal u can call me laksh or lucky.

Swara- Very funny. Ok laksh come we’ll go.

Laksh, Swara and Aaron leaves to their house.

Precap- Swalak bond. Ragini feels strange without laksh. Sanskar confronts ragini. Ragsan in London.

What is the connection between swaron’s parents death and the raichands. I know there are lot of confusions. I vil reveal them soon in 3 to 4 episodes. Tank u guys.

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  1. little princess

    Hiii devika….you r always welcome…by the way how r u???…i hope u r fit n fine..and once again thank u for such a nice episode…loved swara n aaron’s bonding…i really liked aaron..i too have a best frnd named amin who cares n understands me alot n can catch me if i hide something n make me feel masthi was awesome… I’m excited abt the precap..swalak bond n ragsan @ london n all..especially the fact that they r gonna stay with swara,aaron n sahil…hoping for something so special n entertaining..even i am confused abt the connection b/w swaron’s parents death n raichand.. Finds something fishy…i wish to see our bubbly swara who is so naughty,fun loving n does so much pranks as it will be more exciting n adorable to see such shade of swara.. If u dont mind try to bring such kind of shade in swara during her raglaksan friendship n moments..its just my suggestion..make the episodes a little bit lengthy..try to give so big chapter on sundays(like sunday special 😀 )..try to do this if u r convenient with it..or else no need of doing it as we can understand that our writer may be busy..try to add something funny n candid moments b/w them all in Coming episode n make it a lengthy one..update next episode asap…waiting for it…

    1. Devikaa

      Sure princess. and i’m good. What about u. I hope u’ll be superb . And even i have a friend and his name is aaron only. I wrote aaron’s character keeping him in mind. I mean his nick name is aaron. He’ll treat me the same way how aaron treats swara in my ff. And actually i have to go to hospital as my uncle was admitted there. And i promise i’ll give u all big episodes after a week as my uncle will be discharged by then. Until then sorry. And thank u so much. And u vil be seeing swara’s bubbly nature in the coming episodes.

  2. Deeksha


    1. Devikaa

      thank u deeksha

  3. Nice dear

    1. Devikaa

      Thank u anu

  4. Prithvi Sunny

    Wat’s d name of that anchor gal in the concert?

    1. Devikaa

      U can imagine anybody sunny

  5. little princess

    Oh i’m sorry yaar…i was asking u to update a longer episode..i never thought abt ur inconvenience…anyway its really sweet of u as u r writing every episodes even if u r busy…hw is ur uncle? Is he alright?… I hope he is fine n will get well soon…its okie..u dont have to say sorry n all…i can understand…let me know where r u from?…take care of ur uncle as well as yours..

    1. Devikaa

      That’s not a problem princess. Ya my uncle is fine. He will be discharged by wednesday. And no need formalities yaar. I’m from vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh and u

  6. awesome yaar.waiting for swalak bond yaar.

    1. Devikaa

      sure. u vil see in our next episode

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