Love doesn’t have expectations- A SWASAN FANFIC (EPISODE-2)

Hello everyone. I’m back with the 3rd episode. Hope u’ll like this. And my hearty thanks to little princess. dear it feels really great when i read ur comments. Thank u everyone. i’m glad that u all liked my ff and thank u silent readers.

Sahil and Aaron reach Queen’s park in London. They rush out of the car and reach the girl lying on the ground. They were shocked to see swara lying in an unconscious state. They immediately took her to hospital.

XYZ Hospital
Sahil and Aaron are waiting for the doctor to come out. Doctor comes out.

Sahil and Aaron- How is she doctor? Is everything alright.Nothing has happened to her no

Doctor- Yes. Miss Swara is alright but I think she is in some depression. Keep her away from all the things that make her depressed. She should be happy otherwise there are chances that she may slip into coma. U can take her home .Please complete all the formalities of discharge. Thank u. U can go and meet her.

Doc leaves and sahron(sahil+aaron) enters the room and are shattered to see their swara in that state.

Sahil- Shona, why u went there without informing us. U know how much tensed we are when we didn’t find u. Did u ever imagine what vil happen to us if u are not there.

Aaron- Baby, what was that? Have u gone mad? In case if anything happened to u what vil we do. Never ever go alone without informing us understand.

Swara is seeing them with lots of love and was feeling happy by seeing their love towards her.

Swara- Sorry guys. Idon’t know this will happen . I just remembered our family and i went near the park where we used to go for picnic every month. I thought not to disturb u all so i came alone. She said sorry to sahron holding her ears with a puppy face.( vo aise hi karegi toh kaun uska sorry accept nahi kartha yaar)

They smile seeing her puppy face and they share a group hug.

Aaron- Sahil, u be with shona i vil finish the formalities and come.

Aaron fills all the formalities and they take swara to home.

Sanskar’s office:

Sanskar is on a call with someone:

Sanskar- I don’t know what u vil do, i just want the deal with sahil Williams.

Other side- But sir he is not going to listen to anyone and moreover he is not interested in coming to India.

Sanskar- oh in that case find out the details of his family and everything i think we can get another option.

OS- Ok sir, i’ll find out and inform u asap.

Sanskar hungs the call. Meanwhile Laksh and ragini enters his cabin.

Ragini- Sanskar, u know this duffer lucky is going to London today leaving us.

Sanskar- What? Y so urgent lucky. Can’t u postpone it for 3 days we all will go for a trip there even i have some work.

Laksh- Noo yaar i have a program tomorrow. This has been said in last minute as the original performer has been ill and moreover this is for a charity, so i have to go guys.

Ragini- Then i have a plan. Lucky will go today and sanskar and me will come there after 2 days. We all can enjoy our trip. What u say guys.

Sanskar- Oh perfect ragini even i’ll finish my work. Ok come let’s go drop lucky in the airport now.
They leave for airport and laksh leaves for London.

Precap- Laksh meeting swara and aaron. Laksh and swara become good friends.

Guys if u want more big episodes tell me i’ll try to make it long. And suggestions are always welcome.

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    It was Superb like before. And yes, it would be a pleasure to read a more longer update… But anyways keep up the good work. Waiting for next update..

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    Superb…… ur title is really very good …..keep it ?…..

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  6. keep love triangle for swara sanskar laksh

    1. Devikaa

      laksh already loves ragini and swara is not in a state to love anybody. anyways i’ll try for that

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    Hiii my dear frnd… Glad to see ur another episode as well as ur reply…this episode is awesome… I really liked it…i just loved sahil n aaron’s love for swara….i’m waiting to know more abt swara as i feel there is some mystery in her life that to be revealed..too much confusions are going on in my mind regaining swara…so my eagerness is also growing as ur story proceeds…now i am excited to watch next episode in which swalak n aaron meet and become good frnds…also abt ragsan arrival at london….so update next part soon…as i said earlier try to update a longer episode afterwards as it will be a pleasure for ur readers… The way u r proceeding ur ff is good…so keep on maintaining it…

    1. Devikaa

      Thank u and sure princess

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    Where’s dat XYZ hospital in london? Plz tell me…I wanna visit it once! 😛

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