Love doesn’t have expectations- A SWASAN FANFIC (EPISODE-1)


Hello guys. Though i didn’t get much comments u liked my ff. Thank u everyone and silent readers if anyone present out there please respond.And thank u little princess,roshini,s,shan,Radhika,praharsh,prithvi. I’m glad that u liked my ff.

And come into the characters there is a little change. Sahil character will be played by anuj and Aaron’s character will be played by Barun. Now we’ll get into the story.


A big mansion is shown and someone is seen swimming with full force and rage in his eyes . Just then another man of similar age came near the pool and shouted ” sanskar , i have got a new tune man “. Yes the person who is swimming is none other than sanskar and the person who shouted is our laksh.

Sanskar- Why are you shouting lucky? You just got a tune not a world record.

Laksh- No sanskar this tune is very special for me. You know one day i am going to propose ragini with this tune only.

sanskar- oh my poor ragini she’s gonna faint hearing this tune lucky.

Laksh- u idiot sanskar u r teasing me and my tune.When u find ur perfect girl u vil also die thinking of how to propose her.Then don’t come near me for ideas .

sanskar- never laksh. i am not gonna wait like u for years to propose a girl. in case if i find her i vil propose her the next second i see her.

Laksh- oh ok man . we gotta go otherwise ragini will kill us. she is waiting for us if we didn’t go in time she will show us her kaali avatar.

Sanskar- haha ok lucky. i’ll just take a shower u wait for 15 min.

Laksh- okay dude. come fast.

They leave and sanskar goes for taking a shower and laksh goes to hall. In the hall a lady is shown calling sanskar and laksh for breakfast. it is sanskar’s mom sujatha.

Sujatha- Sanskar, Laksh breakfast is ready . Have it and go.

Laksh- Aunty can u pack our breakfast. u know na if we didnt go to ragini in time she will kill us . we will eat in sanskar’s office.

Sujatha- ok laksh i’ll send these to sanskar’s office.Don’t worry.

Laksh- thank u aunty u r the best.

Meanwhile sanskar comes and they leave for his office.


A girl is shown talking to herself and cursing her friends who are late again. Obviously it’s our ragini.

Ragini- These idiots are again late. Today i’ll not leave them . let them come first i’ll show then what ragini gadodia is….

Laksh and sanskar reaches office and listens ragini’s words. They smile at each other and goes near ragini and shouts Booooooooo……

Ragini- ahhhhhhhhhhhhh… She turns and sees her two friends making fun of her and runs after them.

Whole office smiles to see their childish behaviour. After sometime they get tired and sit and spend some time.

Laksh- I am hungry guys and sujatha aunty sent us our tiffin come lets eat.

They had their breakfast and laksh and ragini went for their respective offices.


In a beautiful villa someone is running in a hurry and bangs a room door. He is sweating and fear, tension for someone can be seen in his eyes.

A man of age 27 opens the door and asks “Sahil what happened y r u looking so tensed”. yes the person running is sahil .

Sahil- Aaron bhai, di is not in her room i’ve checked all over the house, garden,pool everything. she is not there here.Yes he is aaron.

Aaron- What? OK dont worry come we’ll go we’ll search her. u go and start the car, i’ll just inform the police and come.

Sahil goes near the car and aaron informs the police and they left to search her. They have searched almost all the roads of london but they didn’t find her. They stop the car and calls everyone.

Aaron- Where are u swara? God please give me atleast one clue to find swara. Meanwhile he remembers something and says,”sahil come sit inside the car i know where she went.

Sahil and aaron leaves for someplace and sees a girl lying on the ground. They run for her.

Screen freezes on the girl lying on the ground and sahil and aaron running.

Precap- Swara admitted in hospital. Sahil and Aaron scoldind her. Laksh leaves for london.

Who is the girl lying there? And how did sahil get to know where swara is and why are they scolding her? Want to know then wait for next part.

Guys i don’t know whether u vil like this one or not i really dont know how to start the episode but i wrote that. Dont bash me for this. Hope u vil understand this. do comment guys and silent readers atleast respond once atleast so that i’ll get to know that u are reading my ff so that i can think more and give u a gud update. Thank u guys.

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  1. Nice ep. Pls update soon

  2. Abirsha

    awesome….whether sahil s younger than swara???if so it wont b nice dr….

  3. little princess

    Heyy my dear….it was nice as well as good episode….u just continue writing… Many of them are here to read ur ff…so dont worry…u just try to give good episodes…. Liked sanraglak childish behaviour… U just try to update regular n give a little bit big nice episode.. Then ur readers will be very much happy..keep on writing..waiting to know much about swara n her life

  4. Awesome..continue soon..

  5. nyc….continue asap….

  6. Nice….

  7. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Update soon

  8. I like it a lot……
    post next soon dear devika

  9. Prithvi Sunny

    1st episode lo ne sadness entandi? Tarvaatha episodes lo elago happy undadhu! Kaneesam 1st episode lo ayna happy ga unnaru ani chepthe bagundedhi! Ok! Gud luck 4 ur next episode!

    1. Devikaa

      thank u for wishing me. and come into happiness story doesn’t relate to only that it should have everything . anyways thank u i’ll try to modify it.

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  12. awsome aa baga vundi

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  14. Roshini Kapoor

    Awesome and just too good. I am eagerly waiting for next episode… Update soon..

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