This Love is difficult -9 shots Shot 2 ~ Meeta

This Love Is difficult
Shot #2

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Recap – TwiNj fight. Twinkle in orphanage.

Twinkle(goes to Kunj): Again. What the hell is your problem? Why can’t you leave me Alone? How the hell does it matter to you if I go here or There? And why the hell does it even matter to YOU?
Kunj (holds her arms): How? Why? You know, all what’s yours is mine and what mine is yours. FOREVER. You can’t run and Yes, you forgot your Bag, so I came to give it to you.
Twinkle jerks his hands away and leaves for another concert. She was hurt. She sang to spend her time.
“That each positive vibe you give,
It gets a broken sign.
The every sweetest smile of yours,
Is nothing but another lie.
If you’d cared truly,
You would’ve not done it.
But, I know you don’t care
All that concern is a fake share
Those sweet, long messages every night
Let me forget my ego for a while
What you did was all wrong
With this I’m ending my song.
The end is not yet reached, sick
Its-It’s a beginning of a new flick.”

She ended her song, like always, her eyes brim-filled with tears, heart shattered and hopes all broken. It was almost 9 PM. She decided to go back, but stopped. Smiled.
Yuvraj: Baby doll. Just take a chill pill. Everything is fine. Everyone’s good. NY was amazing. Mahi is here only, waiting for you, BACKSTAGE.

They both leave for Backstage.

Mahi hugs Twinkle and starts blabbering.
Mahi : Dii. How are You? I missed you so much. How is Maa, papa, Bebe? Huh? How is Jiju? Is he…(Twinkle’s face fell)
She stopped as Yuvi glared at her.
Yuvraaj : Chup ho jaao, Jaaneman! Wo kya h na, do saal se mili ni h, isliye bas. Chalo, ghar chalte h.

Twinkle asked them to wait as she had to bid the manager Biee.
Mahi: Yuvraaj, enough! I wanna know, what happened Exactly? Why are dii and Jiju ignoring each Other? And what about Him? I want to see him. Why are you keeping it a secret for so Long?
Yuvi : He is dead, Mahi. He He is no more. (Breaksdown). Actually, Twinkle thinks…
He sees Twinkle at the door, her eyes welled up. Mahi did not know what was happening? So she dragged them home.

● Sarna Mansion
They reach home. Everyone was present in the hall.
Mahi: Can anyone please tell me, what the hell is Happening?
Kunj: Oh, Wait! Can anyone please tell ME WHAT’S Happening? And Mahi, Yuvi, when did you come to India?
Yuvraj : Yes, Bhai.
Mahi: Jiju, I just wanna know why ? Why are you both behaving like This? What Happened? Please, I wanna know. And, where is He? How is He?
Twinkle: He. No. She. She is…..She is no more. All that is because of him. Kunj Sarna, because of you.

Bebe: Enough everyone. Go to your rooms and sleep. Not a word more.
Twinkle: Why Bebe? Aaj Kunj par baat aayi, so u r asking me to keep quiet.
Usha: TWINKLE. BEBE HAI WOH. Tum apni hadd yaad rakho. Tum star bahar ho, ghar par nhi. Aur jo Tumne khoya h, wo Kunj ne b khoya h.
Twinkle : Yes, you are right. Meri hade. Huh? Maa, meri hade m jaanti hu. All is Kunj doesn’t knows his.
Manohar: TWINKLE. Uss din Galti Kunj….
Kunj: Bebe ne kaha na Sab sone jaao. Jaao. Abhi. Yuvi, Mahi, we’ll talk tomorrow.

Precap – Hints to be revealed about the incident that broke TwiNj to pieces.

Heyo, guys.
Missed me.
I’m sorry.
I’m very late.
I know, I’ll try to compensate.
I’ll try to post My Ff soon, too.
N some of you were asking about the songs.
All the songs are self written written and composed.
If there’ll a song, which won’t be self – written or composed, I’ll write it’s name in the bracket.
Do comment.

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  1. Ramya

    It was superb meet a
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    Keep smiling loads of love

  2. Finally meetu tune post kar diya… Was waiting for this since long time… Plzzzz next shot post soon… Can’t wait to know reason behind TwiNj separation…

  3. Chiku

    Hey bestfriend
    Woaaaahhh?????lovely. Sooo cute. Just amazing
    Twinj are always fighting ?????????????wish to see them together once again. The song is amazing yaar. Loved it??u write so amazingly. Plzz yaar tips de aise likhne ke liye. ?????
    Post soon
    Love u?

  4. Angel20

    It was really good. Waiting for the next part!

  5. Awesome episode ☺☺
    Very eager to know what exactly happened in their past
    Well…. a lot of suspense?
    Anyways post next soon??

  6. Kruti

    Hey Meeta
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  7. This part is superb waiting for ur next part?

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    Good episode and wating for next post

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    Its awesome meeta nd srry maine phele parts pr comment nahi kiya kunki i came to know about ur ff today only nd d song u write r full of emotions nd awesome yaar love them nd love u

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    OMG…. It was a bliss..
    I’m actually tooo very excited coz it was soo suspenseful… It literally stole my heart….
    I know u r late but I pls try posting soon this time…
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  11. Hey meeta… M first time cmnting ur ff….
    This is nice and to good….luv the shot very much….its very emotional…..
    but oh god…..
    Suspense,,, suspence,,,suspence…. Twinj r always getting into fight….but why twinkle always blam kunj 4 their child..??
    But m very exited to read further….sooo plzzzzzzzzz next epi soon….. And ur other ff also….
    Luv u…,,,,,,stay happy…,,,,,,,,

  12. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing emotional sad epi…..eagerly waiting for next part

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    amazing yaar… yah kya songs compose karthi hai tu… its so beautiful…

    love you

  14. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Meeta,
    Beautiful dear. I am damn excited to know what was that incident…And indeed I missed u sweetie! And I never knew that you compose such beautiful songs!! Keep it up dear!

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    Loved it Loved it Loved it My cc Loved it
    The episode was fab and the song Omg you wrote it no wonder it’s awesome 🙂
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  16. Baby

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