Love dies but never fail (Episode 6)


Hey guys its me achu. Thanku for all your support… Here is my new episode. Hope you all enjoy it..


That was him Adarsh who sees Vanshika when actually Swadhu was there. She turns back to see who is screaming.. But can’t find anyone since at that time his elder brother Jaydev took his hands inside. After his accident, he cant continue as an advocate which he was… So he just hang here and there to pass time… Moreover he doesnt remember anything… Even that he has a job…

Swadhu turns back confused..

Swadhu:: mujhe aise kyu laga ki someone is calling by vanshika.

Azad:: There’s no one here freedom… Your mind is distracted by that Adarsh… C’mon lets go.

Signal is cleared… They moves from there. In that hurry her scaff has been dislocated and flew in air towards his car.. She didn’t noticed that and go from there. Adarsh saw her scaff and opened the door and ran towards it like a naughty kid running to get his mom’s hand. He caught it and sat in the road by his knee and talk to that scaff…

Adarsh:: kaha chali gayi thi??? Ab kahi bhi nahi jaane dungi…(after sometimes) What am i doing here in this road?? And whats this scaff doing in my hands.. At that time jaydev comes there and try to take him up… But he refuses and pushes him and says.

Adarsh:: who the hell are you to take me?? Leave me

He skips from his hands and walk away… Jaydev become sad and walks behind him…

At Swadhu’s home:

Swadhu:: maami im hungry… Please get something for me …

Azad :: for me also ammie..

Swadhu went to kitchen to help maami.. While doing things she explains everything that has happened there.

Maami:: we knew him and his family… Vanshika was my friend’s daugher.. Since the past 3 tears she has been converted in to a statue. Till now their family could’nt came out of that accident.. When i last visited her,her health was not so good and doctor said if she cant came out of it in a month they cant help her..

Swadhu:: ohh . poor aunty.. I think i should visit them once.

Maami:: sure beta.. Also take Azad with you…


It was 11. 30 pm and Swadhu was searching for some books when Azad came there with a cup of coffee. Both of them sat on the chair and swadhu says him that they have to go to vanshika’s home next day,when suddenly swadhu got a call from jeevan.. Azad didn’t like it and says swadhu not to attend it. But swadhu refuses him and answer it.

Jeevan:: hey… Finaly swadheentha u pick up my call… Actually, Im sorry for things that happened today.. Hope you are not angry with me.

Swadhu:: no. Nothing like that.. Why did you call at this time?? Is there any serious matter??

Jeevan:: yeah… I were trying to confess this from childhood. But its only today that I could muster up some courrage.

Swadhu:: jeevan, jo bhi hai if it is not important, hum kal baath kare?? Im tired and kal kahi jaana hai.

Jeevan:: no swadheentha its important for me. Actually, for us!

Swadhu::for us?? then jaldi batao.. Im in a hurry.. Tired hu bohoth aur…

(She was trying to say something when jeevan interupted)

J:: I love you swadheentha..

Swadhu:: sorry??

J:: Woh saalom se soch rahi dhi kehne keliye. Par could’nt. I really love you… I need to know your opinion. Time nahi hai mere paas.. Parents are in search of a girl for me. But i can’t think of anyone rather than you. Please javab do.

Swadhu:: woh I…. Woh … I….

With lots of love,

Credit to: Achu

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  3. Ur story is little bit different .concentrate more on swadarsh yaar .and its nice….

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