Love dies but never fail (Episode 5)

Hey guys…. Here’s my new episode. Thanku for all your support… Hope you all enjoy it.


Swadhu:: Strange na??? Chal we have to go.. Wait here i’ll come after informing the office head..

Azad:: Tab tak me scooti leke ata hum….

Swadhu leaves … She informs the office head and both of them reaches the station… Jeevan was surprised to see her there… And ask her whether she has come to see him. Swadhu skips that conversation and rush towards the jail, where she found no one!…

Swadhu:: Jeevan where’s that guy??

Jeevan:: who?? That paagal?? Use to kab ka bail mil gaya… Someone of his relation came and took him, just a second before. But why are you asking about it? Who is he? Do you know him?

Swadhu runs in a hurry ouside to meet him but there was no one there. She, dissapointed and went inside.

Swadhu:: yeah!! Somewhat. He’s our principlal’s son… Had a partial memory lose. Thats why he has grabed his own pappa’s collar..

Jeevan:: ohh… Chod.. Tell me why did you skip my coversation just before? It hurts me you know… You always do like that..

Swadhu:: jeevan there’s nothing like that… I was just in a hurry… So could’nt hear you.. Thats it(turns to leave)

Jeevan:: (took her hand)i need to talk to u..

Swadhu:: jeevan behave yourself.. This is your office and everyone will watch. Just leave me(struggles to get out of his hold)you are hopeless.

Jeevan leaves her. Due to that force she hits the wall and her eyes welled up. Azad comes there and got angry due to his behaviour and starts to ask him when she leaves without saying anything. Azad ran behind her. Jeevan struck the table and says damn it…

Azad:: Why are you tollerating all this? Cant you compain to your father ya phir cant you say you are not interested in him??

Swadhu:: How? He was a best friend of mine since childhood.. Dont know what has happened to him.. He has changed a lot… Chal ab jise milna tha use nai mil payi… Aur jisse nai milna tha usse chot bhi khai.

Both of them leaves to college.. They got signal in traffic jam… A voice arised… VANSHUU…..

With lots of love…

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  1. Update soon Achu.while reading ur ff I want to sit and recall what happened before…..

    1. Sorry yaar.
      Exams tha..hope u understand

  2. why so late update soon . what was adarsh by proffesion when he was alright . u showed swadeenta as a lecturer what about adarsh . please reply

    1. Will be in the next part

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