Love dies but never fail (Episode 4)


Hey guys here I am with my new episode… Hope u all enjoy it…..


Suddenly he had a head pain and lost his conciousness. When they reached the hospital, both were taken to the operation theatre hand in hand lying in the structure. That was the last time anyone see adarsh as a normal man.

After few hours,Vanshika was declared dead and her parents were crying loudly near her body. On that evening they had Vanshika’s funeral. Adarsh’s condition is still critical.

After 3 months:

Adarsh was taken to home when his friends came to meet him. His parents slowly made him sit and he slowly opens his eyes to see the blurred vision of everyone. He was unable to recognise them when his father tells his friends that Adarsh lost his memory and he dont even remember his mother. Then one of his friend said they should try vanshika’s photo as well. His parents choose a photo of her from his room and shows it to him. For 5 seconds there were no reaction. After that a signal arised in the screen showing that he is remembering her. His eyes welled up, hands searching for her and suddenly he went out of control. His pulse increases. Nurses take him back to bed and made him sleep by giving an injection.. His parents were all happy that he has regained his memory. Next day when he opened his eyes he again failed to interpret them. The doctor came and says that he had a partial memory lose and sometimes he remember everything and sometimes not. His parents went on crying. Since then they were taking great care of him…


Swadhu:: oh god i didntknew anything about it.. I think i should call Jeevan and request him to release him.. Chall, Im going to meet him.

Azad:: but freedom till now i didnt understand why he refused to take u from there!?? After that he recalled his father. Since now, he only regain his memory when he saw Vanshika’s photo….

With love

Credit to: Achu

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