Love dies but never fail (Episode 3)


Hey guys …. Thank you for all your support. Here is my new episode… Hope u all enjoy it..


Vanshika:: (trip slowly by a car Turn back and say ) im ok you dont talk to me… Pehle present phir baath…

(While turning she dont watch a van coming towards her.. Hit her badly due to which she was threw back to road near him

Adharsh:: Vanshikaaaaaaaaaaaa
(Ran towards her. Grab her in his hands.. Blood dripping from her full body and head… With eyes closed… Adarsh try to wake her. )

A:: vanshu udho na… Kuch nahi hoga thumhe… Are koi ambulance bulao.. Nai nai kuch nahi hoga thumhe .. Main hoon naa… Kuch bhi nai hua hai…

He ran towards the car like a mad, to take the gift , thinking that he could get her back if he show her the gift. He looked at it and ran towards her without watching anything when a truck hits him and he was thrown to the road in the handreach of vanshika. He slowly closed his eyes trying to catch her hands and went unconscious. Both of them were taken into the hospital. In the ambulance he regain his conscious only to see her and opened the box and took the ring from it and made her wear the ring and smiles..

With lots of love

Credit to: Achu

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  1. Hammad Zahid

    yar this is a real story of Dehleez or the other one?? Adarsh loves Swaadheentaa but here you said someone else?? what is thi? I don’t understand this??

    1. Its not a real story yaar. Its just a ff..please read the previous episodes to get continuation

  2. Just read episode 2 and 3 together it’s awesome I wonder what happend 3 years ago keep up the good job

    1. Thanks yaar..

  3. Wowww. Loving it
    .. Waiting for the next part

  4. You always keep a suspence …
    Here also i like that keep it up

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