Love dies but never fail (Episode 2)


Hey guys … Im here with my new episode.. Hope u all enjoy it…


Azad being a student of that college knew about that guy… Swadhu went shocked hearing him calling pappa looking at principal.. Azad told everything to her… His name is Adarsh… Son of our principal… 3 years ago he had met with an accident due to which he lost him memory…..


3 years ago..

Adarsh:: Vanshika… What did i do to you due to which you are ignoring me this much… I cant stand it… Please do talk to me.. Please..

Vanshika:: Adarsh I had already told you that i dont like u talking to others while you are with me… Why shouldnt you stop irritating me..

Adarsh:: Acha baba theek hain.. Aaj se no talking to others.. Only thumhare peeche..all right???

Vanshika:: rahne do yeh 1000th promise hoga.. Thujhse nahi hoga ye sab

Adarsh:: nai nai… Aaj pakka vala promise..

Vanshika:: acha suno kal meine pappa se hamare baare mein baath ki.. Yash ko tho pehle se pata hai… Supportive hai… Pappa bhi. Par maa !!!

Adarsh:: use bhi manayenge.. Dnt wry…

Vanshika:: chal chod.. Yeh batao ki meri gift kaha hai???

Adarsh:: gift??? Kon si gift??? Kisliye??

Vanshika:: acha bachu 5 years pehle isi din hum mile the!!! Aur thu hai ki yaad hi nahi karthe…

Adarsh:: eeeeee… Im sorry but aaj kal kuch bhi yaad nahi hai… Sivai theri…

Vanshika:: chod mujhe.. Baath hi nahi karnihai thujhse. (Crossing road in a rush without watching either side)

Adarsh:: vanshu listen to me… I was jocking yaar. Gifts car mein hai… Vanshu be care full….vanshu ruk jao yaar vanshuuuuuuuuuuuu….

With lots of love

Credit to: Achu

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  1. Wow im eagerly waiting for the next part.. My hearts beating fast.. Actually i’m not a regular viewer of the show. But your ff is amazing.. Keep writing… Please post the next part today itself if possible

    1. Thankew..will be posted soon

      1. Hammad Zahid

        Hi… Please tell me what’s this?? this is not a dehlez serial part?? Adarsh marry swaadheentaa but in this story you said else?? what is right plzz tell me??

  2. its very nice achu

    1. Thankew

  3. Very interesting story

  4. Wow achu u r writing it in a suspending manner. Nice creativity

  5. Thanku so much

  6. It’s was amazing achu
    U create very good suspense
    Plz keep writing
    Eagerly waiting for ur next ff

    1. Thankuuu so much…

  7. Achooos…kalakki…looking forward for swadharsh scenes….its awesome..?

    1. Thnks abhi….

  8. Joyce Samuel

    y is it much of hindu?although it niz,welldone keep writing such lovely ff of dahleez

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