Love or die? Episode 8 Matsh


I love u you love me we love each other and it makes us love more and more!!! 🙂

Our story continune ishani sitting on bench and looking at ranveer with her big cute eyes ishani says ranveer whyvu did u
call me here ranveer says well actually ivwanted to give u ur birthday present ishani says really ranveer gives normal size of box gift to ishani saying so open it ishani says thanks and smiles to ranveer and opens the present she sees the necklace and says oh my gosh ranveer thanks its so beautiful ishani hugs ranveer while saying that and kisses him on the cheeks ranveer gets surprised from sudden kiss fromvthe other side falguni was seeing everything and she came to ishani and said to her that she have to go down to cut the cake ishani said ok I will be there in a minute and she went downstairs

falguni was coming near ranveer and making evil eyes to him and said ranveer do u know who u are in this house ranveer said of course falguni said ok then let me remind u again ur here because ur parents need work and remember that if u will forget it I will remind u again ranveer looked at falguni and said ok maam falguni looked at him with cold eyes and tuned away walking downstairs ranveer said in his mind what im doing I should remember that I came here to work and downstairs ishani was wishing something everyone was cheering for her ranveer was downstairs already ishani was giving the cake the cake to everybody and ishano called from far away ranveer ranveer come here ranveer was making her his way to ishani but then looked at falguni who was making cold eyes to him then he turned away and walked to kitchen ishani just stood there holding piece of cake will be continued ….Guys I hope u liked it sorry for late update actually I submitted but something went wrong guys so byeee

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  1. Harisha39

    IT WAS GOOD…………….

  2. Hey dr It was nice keep it up keep rocking how r u

  3. Great story dude…….waiting for their union

  4. RADHU

    Nice epi Dear…

  5. Nandana

    Nice episode dear and update the next

  6. Very nice episode Nonosh cutie eagerly waiting for the next episode ?

    1. Thaan u I will update soon! 🙂

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