Love or die? episode 7 Matsh


Roses are red!
Violets are Blue!
My herat is full of love for You!

Our story starts from Morning ranveer waking up and while when he was doing something someone comes in 5 or 6 people harshad says its people who will decorate house for ishanis birthday ranveer thinks that he didnt get present for her so he says to harshad that he will go somewhere after 10 minutes ishani woke up and her parents were kissing her forehead and saying happy birthday but she was surprised that she didnt saw ranveer today
In store ranveer saw something shiny and it said on top i love you he thought that he should tell ishani that he loves her so he bought that braclet after that he went back when he came he saw ishani sitting on chair and was talking with her friend ritika she called her and all other friends to her birthday! Ishani saw ranveer coming and they staredat each other ishani was mumbling something but ranveeer didnt hear it and ishani said ranveer ranveeer ranveer came to her senv\ces and said ishani im listening and the she said so are u coming ranveer said where ishani said oh my gosh of course to my birthday ranveer said of course i will come dont worry ishani said thanks ok bye see ya later
At Night :Mybe 9 at night

Everyone was coming already the house was decorated beautifully ritika and ishani was upstairs shikhar saw ranveer and they both talked shikhar said did u saw ritika ranveer shes with ishani upstairs ishani and ritika was coming downstairs ishani was in pink beautiful dress and had curly hair she was smiling with her shiny pink lips ranveer was losing his mind looking at her and ritika was in yellow short pretty dress her hair was straight and it was looking bautiful she was smiling shikhar was looking at her they both smiled at them and talked and it was time for ishani to open presentsishani opened the presents there was a lot of things perfume teddy bear necklaces all kind of girly stuff but she was only thinking baout ranveers present she couldnt find it and looked at ranveer . After presents everyone was having fun and ishani was standing with shikhar and ritika shikhar and ritika was talking and ishani was listeninig to their boring conversation when suddenly someone hold her hand and she looked back and it was ranveer he msiled at her whith his charming smile and said lets go i want to give u something ishani was holding his hand and they went to terrace……

Guys i hope u liked it i tried my best the other part is surprise u should wait for it i hope u will enjoy it support me always :):):) Byeeeee

Credit to: Cutiepie

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  1. Nandana

    nice episode cutie pie i really like it update the next soon dear

    1. Thank u very much nandana!!! 🙂

  2. Sup good going

  3. Hey cutie pie loved it dr keep it up keep rocking

  4. Thank u very much vaishu duavaraksha hope u will next episode ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Hi cutie pie I loved the episode it was so cute waiting for the next episode ?

  6. Great episode dude….. Waiting for next

  7. Wow. Ur story goes well dr… Keep going…
    Keep smiling

  8. Harisha39

    U r rocking nonosh ?

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