Love or die? episode 6 Matsh


Some people dont even dont belive in love because they didnt felled it yet because they didnt found the right one!!!

Our story starts from harshad talking (uncle ) talking to mala about ishanis birthday ranveer overhears it and thinks that he should give her something but then while he was thinkinh he sees ishani coming downstairs and looks at her ishani looks back but nervously remembering what last night happened ! Harshad hugs ishani and thay talk a little and then he says that ritika and u will go to shooping and choose a dress for ur birthday ishani says okie and then calls ritika and thay talk a little (blah blah blah)harshad explains to ranveer that tomorrow is ishanis birthday so he should go with her to shooping and wait unil they choose dress(blah blah )ranveer thinks and says ok ! ishani comes downstairs in a summer dresss which suits her perfect and ranvver and she sit to car and ranveer looks at ishani ishani does like shes not paying attention but then she looks by accident and says ranvver could u please looking at me ranveer says why ishani rools her eyes and looks to window of the car they come in to the store which is Tj – Max which ritika and shikhar was waiting they say hi and hug each other blah blah and shikhar whispers to ranveer what ur going to give to ishani ranveer says i dont know yet shikhar says what ranveer says its secret shikhar saysss ohhhhh okay then they come in and ritika and ishani talk and choose a dresss shikhar says why ur not helping to ishani shes ur girlfriend ranveer says umm im not good at this

shikhar says ur so dumbhead ranveer says ur dumbhead not me shikhar says ok so do u have money for present ranveer looks at shikhar in serious face and shikhar says umm ok then after ishani and ritika choose dress ritika says lets go to museum shikhar says okay and then looks at ishveer theysay ok and all of them go to meeauseum and see lots of things every 5 seconds ranveer loos to ishani to be sure nothing happened with her shikhar realizes this and says out loud ranvver WHY UR LOOKING AT ISHANI 5 SECONDS ishani hears this and gets angry after they finish looking at oldddd things they went home ishveer park the car and while they go inside ishani says to ranveer to stop looking at him and to dont touch her never ranveer says i never touched u ishani says are u sure ranveer says yes im sure ishani looks at ranveer and saysd ur dumbhead and goes inside the house ranveer smiles and goes inside too and our story ends like this .!!!!:):) Guys im really sorrry for not writing like 2 or 3 weeks i really didnt had time well lets say i had time but i was lazy im really sorry hope u likes the story love u guys bye!!!

Credit to: Cutiepie

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  1. Nandana

    Nice episode cutie pie i really likked it and update the next episode soon dear

  2. Hey cutie pie loved it dr why did u end plz don’t end write a story it so nice

  3. Great story dude…. Marvelously going

    1. thank u very much i want to cry from ur words guys thank u for supporting me

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