Love or die ?Episode 5 Matsh


Her eyes make me crazy when I look on her I can not control my self I just want her to be mine only mine 🙁 (me crying right now of what I wrote)

Our story starts from ishveer standing and ishani changing conversation by saying ok ritika what were going to do to today ritika says lets go to my favorite restaurant they come to restaurant named padishah they chose table and sit there ishani and ranbeer staring were staring at each other of what theyre doing shikhar and ritika were saying oh my gosh look they are looking cute together ishani was thinking how to explain ritika that it was just a lie of what she just said and she exuses herselfvto rest room when she goes in she washes her face when suddenly her favorite necklace falls in to the sink she tries to get it when time goes by at that moment ranveer worries because it had been 10 min already and he says to himself I will wait 5 min and if she will not come I will go there and check at that time ishani is trying to get her necklace starts worrying

After 5 min
Ranveer stands up and says to shikhar and ritila that he will check for ishani they say ok ahd he goes when he knocks the door ishani opens it and before he could say somthing she says him to hel her to tale out her necklace ranveer says ok and calls me in but before he comes in door slams from his back and ranveer gets surprised and tries to open it ishani says what happened d he says it slamed ishani says ok could u please take out the necklace and after that u will open the door he saus ok and after 8 min he takes it out somehow and after that they try to open the door but they fail ishani gets scared and start s crying ranveer looks at her feeling heartbroken and hugs her tightly ishani hugs him him back ishani says mutering something how …. will …out ….together ..

.from ….room but at this time someone opens the door from outside and it was ritika and shikhar standing there surprised ofcseeing them hugging ishani says oh thanks god (wipes her tears) u came ritika we were locked here like forever they come out and sit atctable and ishveer explain them what happened rotika smiles at shikhar and whispers something ishani hets angry of what saying about them and stands up angrily and holds ranveers hand and says we will not stay here ishano carries ranverr holdingvhis hand to outside they walk and ranveer says ishani whyvu get so angry fast they didnt mean that ishano says yes they did didnt u see how they smiled at each other before ranveel could say something it starts rain ing and he starts covering ishani ishani says to stop and that she loves rain and starts smiling and jumping ranveer hold her hand and says she will het cold but ishani stops him by covering his mouth they star e at each ptjer like forever ( aasan Nahin yahan plays) and they start coming closer and closer ranveer kisses her cheeks and realizes that ishani staring at him freezing dont knoewwhat to do ranveer looks at her in embarresment and says umm ishani u was saying something ?says like nothing happened . Then ranveer holds her hand and makesvher sit in the car and they leave when they reach home ishani goes home saying nothing ranveer stands there saying what a hell I just did?

Credit to: Cutiepie

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  1. hiii… i am one of the silent reader… but cutiepie ur story forced me to comment… its really an ausumn Story going vrry well keep on writing…. all the best…

  2. Hi cutie the episode was sooo cute I loved it so much eagerly waiting for the next episode pls update the next soon ?

  3. hey my sis awesome work done amazing keep it up my dr

  4. hey my sis awesome work done amazing keep it up my dr n post ur next epi

  5. Hey dude how r u?? Coming to ur story…. It’s very awesome…… Waiting for ur next episode

  6. Rookey Rookers for ever lover of ranvi

    super , simply super , waiting fot the next part

  7. thank u very much guys

  8. Nandana

    hi nice episode cutie pie and i didn’t comment earlier because i was having exam but i read it earlier 🙂 update the next soon

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