Love or die ?Episode 4 Matsh


People say that life starts when u breath for the first time when you born but mine started when I first saw her.
πŸ™‚ Ranveer
Our story starts from Ishveer and Shikrit =ritika and shikhar going home together in shikhar cars ritika and shikhar were like to ishveer haha we won ishani was getting angry and said to ranveer ranveer if u would hurry and huged me harder we could won and ranveer was like what its not my fault when I hugged u u kept laughing which worried me .Ishani was lile ok ok it my fault only mine not urs the car stops in parekhs house ishveer get out and shikhar says to riitika that he will stop atvher house while ishveer go in they leave in the house amba and kailash were doing some work and harshad was sitting watching tv mala said food was ready and harshad saw them said oh u came just in time food was ready devarsh and disha was already in table ranveer said to harshad no uncle im not hungry ishani was looking at him and rolled her eyes harshad was like something happen ranveer said d no nothing im just not hungry ranveer went to his room and ishani said im not hungry too and went to her room ritika called to ishani said that they want to go somewhere to the park with shikhar and ranveer again ishani said rotika I m tored I dont want ritika said pleasee then ishani said ok I will ask ranveer ritika said no need to ask shikhar will ask at this time shikhat was saying the same thing ranveer didnt had choice so he said yes.
At morning when ishani went downstairs to eatbreakfast ranveer was already there and wasvtalling with harshad .Harshad said tovishani come over and said from now he will be ur protector which meant he will go where she will go and make sure nothing happens withvher.ishani was saying noo ay first but then somehow harshad make her say yes.ritika called ishani and said after brealfast be at merian park with ranveer ishani said yes and went to table ranveer was trying to his work not paying attention to her but somehow they kept staring each other ishani in her mind said to herself why im keep staring at him ahh ishani stop staring just stop ranveer was thinking to say her to go to the park with her both of them were like in their mind I will tell now both of them were walking to near each other ishani said ranveer said ishanii I have to tell u somthing ishani said me too rv said ok u first ishani said ok actually are u going to the park ranveer said I wanted to ask u the same thing and then he said yes ishani ok be ready at 12:00 ranveer said ok and they both were ready and when they went ti the park they saw shikhar and ritiks they were holding their hands and smiling at them when ishveer reached them ranveer said is everything alright shikhar was standing and then ritika said to ishveer ishani ranveer we both like each other I realized it yesterday and he said to me to be his girlfriend and I said yes ishani was standing there freezing and saying ooo kkk…ranveer said oh its nice then ritika said are u jealous ishani she said joking ishani took it serious and said why I should be jealous when I have ranveer she said in anger ranveer was looking at shikhar not moving her body not hungry gen one single thing ishani said I mean …but shikhar interrupted and said ranveer is it true? Before ishani could say something ranveer said umm well yees ishani was umm wait I was joking hehe dont take it serious ritika said ishani stop u never joked and didnt nowed how to joked and she said im so happy for u and it stoped in ishveers faces trying to find of what they just said.I hope u guys enjoy it I tried my best to do it interesting also dont worry about ranveer he will be rich soon thank u for ur comments and wish me all the best !!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :-):-) πŸ™‚

Credit to: Cutiepie

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  1. Niz epi. Keep smiling

  2. Oh dude ur story is marvelous…. Waiting for next episode

  3. Hi cutie u are improving day by day it was nice and ya all the best dear?

  4. thx guys im really happy that u liked it

  5. Ankita

    Awsome epi!! Waiting for the next update ??

  6. Hey Dr loved it soo much keep it loved it how r u Dr

  7. Your story is awesome yaar. But one thing, I didn’t get the last part, though I read it 4 times. Still I didn’t get the last where Ishveer go to park and the after part. Please write clearly so that I can get it :)))) I hope you are not feeling bad but I love your FF and I want to read it further but what to do if I don’t understand the scenes better. That’s why I was telling you dear.

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