Love or die? Episode 3 Matsh


Sometimes it just too hard for me too look on her face if im going to look on her i can not even blink for a second her beauty makes me like zombie. I want to whisper to her ears that i love her so much that i can die for her but i cant cause i know she will never see me as i see her.
Our story starts from beautiful morning from Vaghleas room they get up early from 6:30 and started working kailash said to ranveer to pour water on flowers in garden he said ok and then he saw his flower girl from garden she was looking from window she looked at him and smiled he smiled back to her then she close the window after he finished his work harshad called him to eat breakfast with them and to call his parents to but ranveer said uncle u dont have to wait for us u can start eating but harshad said no no and no after 5 min be in there ranveers said ok and after he finished he went there his parents were already eated and were talking with harshad about working conditions blah blah…ishani disha
devarsh .. were siting and eating ranveers feeled uncomfortoble but he sit with them because harshad was looking at him smiling devarsh was near him and after devarsh disha after disha ishani etc..ranveer was getting chapathi(guys i search for indian foods and choose this could u please guys list indian foods) from table and looked to disha which was staring at him ishani cough at disha giving sign not to look.Devarsh was getting the same thing ranveer touched but disha sttoped him by whispering him on ear something then he didnt touched it ranveer realized devarsh not touching it after disha said something to him then ranveer said to devarsh dont worry i washed my hands devarsh looked at disha angrily
ishani was felling bad and she called ritika.She said she was on her way to her house ishani said ok and waited for ritika .After 8 min ritika came and looked at ranveer and then ishani and then again to ranveer and made eye contact with ishani ranveer looked at them right away and saw them doing eye contanct and turned away rolling his eyes harshad said to them to go somewhere but when he saw ishani and ritika going out somewhere harshad said stop where are u going they said to cafe harshad looked at them and said to ranveer to go with them and be back with them ishani said paaa no please we can go and be back by ourselves then disha said paa dont worry im going with them then harshad
looked at her confusingly and said so? and then they were supposed to go with ranveer at cafe ranveer was looking at ishani ritika said see thats why boys are stupid ranveer stoped looking and called shikhar to come over then after 15 min he came and looked at two girls and said ohhh today im going to have good day i think ranveer said shut up shikhar this is the girls im looking after but then the owner of cafe said guys we will play couple game im going to choose partner for everybody ritika said ohh its going to be interesthing the owner
of the cafe raise one of the girls hand and said raise ur hand if u want to be with her few boys raise their hand and girl choose one of them and it kept going on and then it was ritikas
turn owner didnt even said anything before shikhar was holding ritikas hand ritika was looking at him with big eyes which meant she was surprised and smiled to him.Now it was ishanis turn owner said who want to be with her ranveer was nervous that someone would say me before him so he by accident said loudly ME which maked people look at him and he said i mean me he said in normal voice after everyone had partners owner of the cafe said im going to give ballon for each couple and they have to pop 5 ballons by hugging each other and and owner gave each partner 5 ballons the game owner of the cafe said 1 -2 -3 Start everyone was trying their best while ishani was looking nervous dont know what to do while Ritika and SHikhar were enjoying the game like little kids then suddenly ishani put her hands to ranveer back and hugged him as much as he can ranveers heart beating was rising ranveer was holding her from her waist which maked ishani tickle and make her laugh ranveer smiled hearing her laugh owner of the cafe whisled the whistle and evertyone saw that Ritika and SHikhar won.I hope u enjoyed the story i tried my best and also give me the list of indian foods please ok see ya soon ishveers fans!

Credit to: Cutiepie

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  1. Hi cutiepie so nice episode I enjoyed it very much while reading it waiting for the next ? and u need to know Indian food here it is
    1) chapati (parathe, puri)
    3)veg biryani rice
    4)curd rice
    6)vegetables (chole, matar paneer,kulche,etc)
    . I think these are enough for u

  2. hey sissy loved it soooo much keep it up

  3. Loved it
    one suggestion also pls.make rv rich if u can

  4. Neelam thx also MKdont worry he will be rich soon

  5. Also duvarakasha thx


  6. Nandana

    Nice episode dear I really liked it update the next soon

    1. thank u ! 🙂

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