Love or die? Episode 2 Matsh


Since I belived in love because of that god gave me her for reaching her I needed to carry hard punisments and look at sky at night and dream that one day u will be mine that one day u will hug me and cry under my shoulders that maybe we will kiss each other under sparkling beautiful stars.
The story starts with a girl talking on phone and saying “is it really tomorrow ” and then saying “ok see you tomorrow then at cafe at 3:30” and then someone calls her from downstairs saying “Ishani come down everybody is waiting for u so we can eat food ” and then ishani saying “ok I will be there ma in a minute” saying this she went downstairs.
Now lets change the track to our handsome guy the guy is our hero ranveer he is walking somewhere near Parekhs house of course with his family.Amba says ” is it really here kailash” and kailash says “yes were near here when I was small I worked there and now I want to go back there and work and have my son work there too” and ranveer says ” paa is it that big looking castle ” kailash says ” oh my gosh were here ”

They come in to a big house which is Parekhs house and Hardhad get up to greet them saying ” oh my gosh u came ” and kailash saying ” we had hard time so I thought maybe we should work here” and Falguni says to Harshad is it our new maid and harshad says nanana dont say this falguni his like my friend .Harshad showes them their room which is old there is two old bed like in the movie hardhad says to them if u will get hungry go to kitchen mala will help u shes our maid.After that harshad leaves and then amba opens their old suitcase and gets things out kailash says im not hungry if u want u two can go to kitchen to get food amba says im not hungry ranveers looks at them and says ok I will go and have some food.

On the other side of screen ishani and disha shown disha says are u hungry ishani says im thirsty ok lets go to kitchen to get juice they both got to kitchen…
On the other side of the screen shown ranveer shown touching the plate of somsa .Disha and ishani come in to the kitchen and disha says ewww ishani says shush disha dont say that ranveer looks confused and says u think if im looking poor and dirty to ur face it means that im eww ishani says umm sorrt my sister didnt mean that disha says sis his hands are so eww I will not eat that somsa anymore ranveer shown with face that ki g of angry and leaves somsa on table not even touching nothing and leaves kitchen rolling his eyes on both of them .He look back to ishanis eyes and sees how beautiful and nice she is like angel and makes his way to his room.Ishani just stood there looking to disha angry disha says what ishani says u was mean u should say sorry disha says never and takes glss and bottle of juice and runs to room.Ishani stood there thinking what to do.Then she had idea.

While ranveer was in room thinking about ishani on the doorsomeone knocked.Amba gets up tiredly and opens the door there stood ishano with plate of different foods and saying ummm..amba says her to come in ishani said no thank u I just wanted to give it to u aunt.Amba looks at her smiling and says thankvu daughter ur the first person who cared about us on our first day ishani says aunt no need to say this everyone would do this they are just tired today .Amba says ok and ishani says ok aunt see you tomorrow.She leaves and amba closes door and says shes such a nice girl while ranveers is flying on somewhere ranveer looks on tray of food and sees paper gets it and reads it it said sorry with a smile 🙂 he thinked for a while and then smiled.Guys I hope u will like it I tried my best! Tell me if I have to continune this ff .Bye see u on next episode ishveers fans.:-) 🙂 🙂

Credit to: Cutiepie

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  1. Hi cutie pie it was so nice and cute episode eagerly waiting for the next episode plz update the next soon ?

  2. Really marvelous story sis……i love it???? how r u?

  3. Nice cutie pie it is a nice start so awesome Dear…

  4. hey cutie pie loved it dr waiting for the next epi post it soon

  5. Im really happy that u liked it guys


  6. Niz epi dr… Just carry on… Update next soon… Keep smiling

  7. Nandana

    Nice episode dear

  8. thank u very much 🙂

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