Love or die? Episode 1Matsh

We often think that we should live for our love but its not true sometimes we just have to die for the person that u love more than everything!

Ranveer=is poor guy who is smart,handsome,brave and who cares for his family no matter what.
Ishani=is from rich family who is beautiful,smart,shy,and belives in love she thinks one day she will meet the person she loves and will be with him forever right now its like shes sleeping and waiting for his prince to kiss her and both of them will run away together.
Falguni=is ishanis mom she wants her both daughter to marry to rich family and to be happy.
Harshad=loves both of his daughters and feels ishani as real daughter he will do everything to make his daughters happy.
Amba and Kailash=ranveers parents they want ranveer to marry to nice girl they need work to have normal life.
Shaikhar=ranveers bff who will alaways be near him hes really rich.
Ritika=ishanis bff she is rich too and thinks guys are stupid.

I hope u like the intro guys dont worry I will try to continune my story two girls one man bye see ya ishveers fans.Give me some advice and support me and dont be shy if u dont like the story comment it below.

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  1. Hi cutie nice introduction it was good ?

  2. Fantastic starting

  3. loved it dr keep it and nice start

  4. Hy nonosh… Its really. Niz intro dr… Update soon… Keep smiling

  5. Nandana

    Very nice episode dear continue writing 😉

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