Love (DevAkshi an OS) By Rithika

Hi guys Rithika here
Sorry for my ff u see I’m in 9th now I have a lot to study and my school also started so I’m more busy so I’ll be very very very very busy and very very very vey very irregular in my ff so don’t lash out me so in advance sorry
But now leave my bak bak and enjoy this OS


Ishwari : Dev be careful its first day of college ok

He nodes and hugs her and goes. He reaches the college all girls drool over him but he ignores them and goes inside his class, he notices a girl talking and laughing with her friends. Just then he sees some people ragging a girl, just then a girl goes to those boys and slaps them he noticed the girl he saw was in his class

One girl : Thank u Sonakshi
Sona : It’s ok u chill if this happens next do this one slap

He gets impressed by her and adopts some feelings for her

Many days passed Dev never said anything and due to this reason some boys always teased him

Vicky : Hey look at him ameer ghar a bigda hua ladka
Rahul : Correct bro he’s so proud of himself that till now he never spoke a word lol

Dev just smiled and went from there Sona noticed this and got angry

Sona : Excuse me Mr. y didn’t u fight for yourself don’t u feel angry when those boys tease u Haan u have to fight for urself

He just smiled what got her more angry

Sona : Y do u keep smiling

He took a paper and started writing something after finishing he gave it to her


Hi I’m Dev,
U must be wondering y don’t I fight for myself, well u see ignoring the situation at times is better, I know u also must be thinking y I always smile instead of talking but u see God gave me everything but a vocal cord which produces voice that’s y I’m never able to defend myself and always keep things to myself and not make friends


Sona : Sorry I didn’t know anyway friends

She says and puts her hand forward he nodes and shakes hands

They became very good friends after that, Sona took special classes to learn the sign language to communicate easily with Dev

She always spent most of the time in his house by which Dev always laughed and smiled which made Ishwari love Sona

Once Dev didn’t come to college which made Sona very restless she immediately rushed to his house after college

Sona : Auntie y didn’t Dev come to college today
Ishwari : Woh he is little sick today so he didn’t come
Sona : Can I see him
Ishwari : Ok

Ishwari sped up to Devs room With cold water and a napkin, Sona came there and seeing Dev she felt someone pinched her heart, he smiled seeing her, Sona spent most of her day there taking care of him, she then realized she loves him a lot and can’t bear to not see him, he became fine due to her care

Many days passed, Sona decided to propose Dev so she called him to a park

Dev : (sign language) Y r we here
Sona : Dev I need to tell u something… I LOVE U

She said while he was stunned he wrote something and showed her


Sorry I can’t love u I can’t speak anything and if u marry me ull always be taunted in society because of me so no


Sona : Arey I don’t care about society let them say what they want we love each other na that’s more than enough

He smiled and hugged her


She broke the hug in shock

Sona : Dev u….
Dev : Yes I can speak now
Sona : how
Dev : Remember that day I didn’t come to college actually my operation was going on to speak and I got my voice
Sona : Then what was all that
Dev : Woh I was testing whether u really love me or time pass

Sona lightly beat him and later hugged him

Many happy days passed DevAkshi finished their college and were busy in building their careers, even in the busy schedule they always gave importance to each other but they say happiness never lasts for long and here also it didn’t

Sona’s car met with an accident in which she lost her eyesight

In the hospital

Elena : Sona r u fine
Sona : Ya I’m fine but switch on the lights know I cAnt see a thing

Elena’s eyes were filled with tears she hugged Vicky who was near her

Vicky : Sona we need to tell u something
Sona : Then tell but switch on the lights first
Elena : Sona in the accident u had now u lost ur eye sight

She said and cried on Vicky’s shoulder, Sona who heard it was shocked she couldn’t believe her ears

Sona Ele don’t lie u know I don’t like these jokes
Vicky : Sona we rn’t lying Elena is telling the truth

Sona was hell shocked

Elena : I’ll call Dev Bhai
Sona : No don’t tell him this he’ll feel hurt

Many days passed Sona kept ignoring Dev which hurt him a lot Elena knew it was no use hiding it from Dev as he’ll come to know eventually and he did, he came to Elenas and Vickys house and saw her there using the blind stick and became shocked he looked towards Elena and she nodded yes with tears

Dev became teary eyed seeing her state and went to her and immediately hugged her

Sona : (feeling his touch and shocked) Dev…
Dev : Y didn’t u tell me Sona
Sona : Please leave Dev

Elena and Vicky saw them and left them giving them privacy

Sona : Go please forget me I don’t want to spoil ur life
Dev : What nonsense r u speaking, when my voice wasn’t there even I told this then what u said that we love each other and it’s more than enough so how can I leave u Haan
Sona : Sorry, I love u
Dev : I love u too

He hugged her and soon convinced her to get married and soon they were married, the doctor told them that if they get a donor she will get her sight back and that day came she got a donor and operation was going to be conducted

Sona : Dev everything will be fine na
Dev : Ya keep faith and soon ull be able to see me
Sona : Sacchi
Dev : Hmm

Soon the operation was done and she got her sight back and when she opened her eyes the first thing she saw was her husband she hugged him

Dev : See u got ur eyes back
Sona : Ya now I can see u
Dev : Look our love won and everything is alright
Sona I love u Dev
Dev : love u too

He said and kissed her forehead

The End

That’s it give ur views please
And ull get my ff in sometime im just thinking what to write u can says writers block so it will take a little time so bear with me

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  1. Manya

    Aww???it was a cute one in fact a very cute one??
    I can understand after all Maine bhi last year hi 9th ki hai??All the best dude?
    Love u

    1. Rj12

      Arey u need the all the best ur in 10th na ???

  2. Aarti32

    Aww..It was soo sweet n cute..Lovely yaar

  3. Akshita

    Sweetest os??❤

  4. Nikkita0194

    Rithika I am also in ninth well I can understand
    You written a gr8 os nice story and also with eye watering movement but if you will get off u can write os if u like
    With lots of luv

  5. Fuggysona

    ohh my god it is splendid
    i really loved it
    at first i cried after came to know that dev can not speak
    but soo happy that he god his sound back..
    wow and then their happinedd knews no bound
    and sona’s can’t see it is hell for me
    and dev is soo sorry
    they happy ending is pleasent
    u r a great emotionist who made me emotion easily…
    wow and of course i will easily get emotional on regards of devAkshi
    once again splendid

  6. Priya12

    Rithu, such an luvely os ever…
    I luved it a lot…
    Don’t worry of 9th…it will be like 8th only…they will ask questions tough…I mean they will take ques from corners of the book too..that’s all..ntng other than that…
    Os was amazing…felt the true love..
    Keep writing…
    I will be waiting 4 ur works…

  7. Purvi128

    Hi Rithika,
    Well I m not new her, I actually don’t comment on any of the ffs. I just read some of them coz of my studies. & I have written os nd ts on devakshi nd just started a new fanfic. Its name is LOVE OR MISTAKE… do give it a read if u have time nd ya can u pls give me the link for ur ff..
    Apart from this, the os was too cute ? so sweet. Their love has no bounds. ?? Amazing os. Mindblowing superb. Keep on writing..
    Love you ???❤

  8. ShrutiP

    Loved it dear… awesome…???

  9. very cute love story

  10. very wonderful story, it can be used for krpkab part 2.. I’m in the ninth standard and I know there is a lot of studies but carry on the great work.. wonderful truly beautiful OS..

  11. V.V.harshita

    Nice one

  12. Lizaa


  13. Aamu

    Hey rithika …
    M new to dis page..i mean devakshi page..
    I just loved ur os…
    A emotional yet amazing…
    Dat was a pure love ..
    I jz loved it….
    Will u b my frnd…?

    1. Rj12

      Sure we r friends from now ?????

      1. Aamu

        ☺..u r in 9 std rigt..
        M in 10..ooops actually i will b going to 11 now…exams r done..

    2. Rj12

      Oh ur lucky ur boards got over my sisters is still going on

      1. Aamu

        hmmmmmm…dis was a hectic year………
        all d best for ur upcoming 10,……….. 😉

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