Because I love her……. A DevAkshi OS (One Shot) Happy Birthday Maleeha di!

Hi, this is Niki with an OS… Hope you guys like it and enjoy reading!
This is specially dedicated to Maleeha di! Wishing you a very happy birthday in advance! Love you, and I hope you like this!
So, this is starting from where Sonakshi has to stay at the Dixit mansion for seven days, as per the deal.
Let’s start.
“Excited, Sonakshi?” Dev asked Sonakshi sarcastically, as she glared at him, while packing her bags. Now, it was Sonakshi’s turn to stay at the Dixit mansion for a week, as per the deal they had made for their six-year old, Suhana. She really despised staying there. Reminiscent of her insults there, her and Dev’s painful separation, she really felt she couldn’t tolerate staying there, seeing Dev’s mom and aunt’s faces every day.

As Sonakshi finished her bags, she walked downstairs with Dev, and caught sight of a frown on her father’s face. Dev went outside with Suhana, but Sonakshi headed towards her dad. “Baba… do you trust me?” Her father nodded, “Haan beta, par wo log…” She hugged him, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of myself. Dev also had to make compromises, na. Aur phir, ek hi hafte ki to baat hai.” Bijoy smiled at his daughter, and she went out and sat in the car.
“Suhana!” Golu screamed, and rushed to hug the little girl. Everyone turned to see her, and Ishwari and Elena hugged her, along with Mamaji cuddling her. But, Dev noticed that Suhana did not look as pleased as she should have. There was a glum look on her face, and she wasn’t giving her bright smile.

“Kya hua, Suhana? Tum khush nahi ho?” he asked her, surprised. And then, Suhana said something very shocking for the Dixit family. “Sorry Papa, par main yaha nahi reh sakti. I can’t live in a place where my Mamma is insulted. Maine Mamma and Papa ke saath rehne ki zidd ki thi. But not here. I really can’t live in a place where Mamma can’t stay in peace. I love my Mamma, she has brought me up without any support. Sorry Papa.” Saying this, the little child went away, followed by a surprised Golu. All the family members were left in a shudder.

Even Sonakshi was speechless. She had never expected Suhana to behave like this. But, before she could say anything, she was flabbergasted by a tight slap on her face.

As she held her bruised cheek, and looked up, she was shocked to find Dev in front of her. Tears welled up in her eyes, as he pinned her to the wall. “You only taught her all this, didn’t you?” he asked her, in a dangerously soft whisper. Dumbfounded, Sonakshi tried to protest, but to no avail.

The whole family found a chance to insult Sonakshi, “Ye nahi badli.” “Iska to pura parivar aisa hai.” “Accha hua Dev bhai ne isse chod diya.” Sonakshi couldn’t stop herself from crying, as she found herself stranded in the midst of a bundle of insults. Weeping bitterly, she rushed out of the house, and holding Suhana’s hand, she wandered away on the road.
Meanwhile, Dev listened to his mind, which told him to support his family, and ignored his heart, which he had been doing for seven years, and this screamed to him to go back to Sonakshi.
Wandering, Sonakshi was lost in her thoughts. Seven years ago! She had left Dev? No, not at all! Dev had left her! A typical Mamma’s boy! But, what she was more astounded at, was his mother’s behavior. Instigated by Dev’s aunt and Vicky, along with her over-possessiveness, she had snatched her son’s happiness. Dev’s Maa had actually forced Dev to choose between his mother and his love, and Dev, being a Mamma’s boy, obviously chose his Maa, with a lot of pain, though.

As Suhana stopped at a shop to admire a watch, Sonakshi drifted on the road, in these deep thoughts. So lost was she, that she didn’t notice a truck speeding towards her, with great speed. The massive truck knocked her down, and the road was smeared with blood…

Suhana rushed to her mother, and a big crowd gathered, as the little girl started crying. She took her mother’s phone and frantically called Dev. “Papa! Ma-mamma ka accident ho gaya!” She started sobbing bitterly. Dev was hell shocked. “Ka-kahan ho tu-tum log?” “Outside your house only.” At this, Dev dropped the phone, and rushed down the stairs at top speed, completely ignoring his mother, who asked him where he was going.

As he reached, he pushed through the big crowd, and fell on his knees near a blood-stained Sonakshi. Calling an ambulance, he tried his best to get her conscious, but in vain. As the ambulance arrived, he told Suhana to go home, as he carried his ex-wife to the vehicle, and got in himself.
Outside the ICU where Sonakshi lay, Dev slumped down on the chair, crying badly. How could he have let this happen? He was sure that this had happened because he had slapped her, and she was lost in his thoughts. Feeling as guilty as ever, he answered a call from Suhana.
Suhana entered the hospital, with the special permission that Dev had taken, for she was really worried for her mother. For the little girl, her mom was almost her entire world, and she couldn’t bear anything to happen to her.

The doctor came out, and Dev rushed to him at once. “Doctor, how is she?” “Mr. Dixit, her condition is critical. The next 24 hours, if she doesn’t gain consciousness, then….” Saying this, the doctor went in, leaving Dev traumatized. He couldn’t let anything happen to his Sonakshi… His Sonakshi? Did he still love her? Yes, he did… He wiped his eyes, red with crying.

Meanwhile, Suhana came up to him. “Papa, all this is because of you. You always told Mamma that she left you, but no. Remember. You had left her, because of pressure from Dadi. Please for once, come out of your Maa’s world, and think about my mother. A person who asks you to forget your happiness cannot be your Maa.” Leaving Dev something to think about, she went away, and continued crying.

Meanwhile, Ishwari, Radharani, and Vicky reached the hospital, having heard about the accident. Seeing Dev crying miserably, his mother rushed to him. “Dev, tu ro kyu raha hai? Tera usse koi rishta nahi hai! To phir……” “Because I love her!” Dev stood up, and cried out the feelings that had remained stuck in his heart since seven years. Leaving the three members shocked, he rushed into the ICU.

He went to her bed, and sobbing, he kissed her forehead. “Please utho, Sonakshi! I love you!” He buried his head in her body, and wept and wept, before the doctors entered to check her. He left the room, and confronted his family again. His mother came to pat him, but he shook her hand off. “No Maa, you are not my mother. A person who tries to snatch my happiness can’t be my mother. There is only one person who loves me, and that is Sonakshi.”

The doctors came out, “Mr. Dixit, her condition is stable now. She has gained consciousness, you can go and meet her.” As he went in, he rushed to Sonakshi and hugged her in that position itself. Sonakshi reciprocated, as Dev cried, “Sorry Sona. I love you! I love you so much!” “I love you too, Dev!” She responded, realizing that he had understood his mistake.
A month later…. Dev was busy playing with Suhana, when Sonakshi entered the room. Dev told his daughter to leave the room for a while, as his wife came in and sat beside him.

“Sorry Sona… once again, for the pain I have given you for seven years. Sonakshi held his cheeks, “No problem Dev, I love you!” “I love you too, Sonakshi!” He moved a little closer to her, and ensuring that their daughter wasn’t there, he gently planted a kiss on her forehead, and then on her cheeks, and finally he moved closer to her lips, and the passionately kissed each other in an intense lip lock.

Dev had left his family, and along with Sonakshi and Suhana, he had moved into a big mansion. Now, they had a happy family, full of love and care, without any pain, grief or even a single tear from any of the family members.


Hope you all liked it, especially Maleeha di! Happy birthday in advance! Thanks for reading! Please do comment!

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  1. Rekhadhir

    Nice story

    1. Niki645

      Thank u Aisha!

  2. Manya

    Oho Soha kitni samajhdaar Hai nazar Na lage use???
    Maa world??ekdum correct??pata nhi Dev kab bahar aayega ?
    And Maleeha Di Mujhe TU par nhi mil Rahi??bcoz in my PM details her name in not there and Maine unke comment pe bhi click kiya par????
    Maleeha Di Shayad summe vacations ke aas pass waapas aayengi?
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    Love u??
    Ff ka Hai??

    1. Niki645

      Ya exactly, even I am not able to find her account! Mere bhi PM details mein nahi hai
      Ha, shayad.

      Ya di, we miss you so much! Happy birthday to u, pls come back soon!

      Post kiya hai

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  4. Aamu

    Dat was awesome.niki…
    I jz loved it…
    A bit heart touching…
    N dev ne bohot achcha kiya jo ishwark ko chod diya??

    Villain kahiki ……
    It was weellll written..
    Happy bday maleeha di…

    1. Niki645

      Thank u so much Aamu (di? What’s ur age?)
      Glad u liked it!

      Ikr Ishwari, the villain!

      1. Aamu

        I m 15 only..
        If u r younger dan also only aamu…i dont like aamu di

  5. Darshana

    Firstly very happy BIRTHDAY maleeha di(i guess)….?????????????
    the os superb…sona??????
    keep posting
    love u?

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  6. V.V.harshita

    awesome os and happy b’day Maleeha di…..i am missing ur ff so much

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      Thanks a lot!

  7. Aarti32

    Happy birthday Maleehaaaaaaaa!!
    I wanted dis to happen…Since longgggg!!
    Dev pehle hi ghar chhod deta to separation hi nhi hota..
    Suhana, my darlingggggggg!! Love her??
    But golu polu bhi alag reh gya??

    1. Niki645

      Thanks a lot Aarti di!

      Ikr, same here!

      Love Suhana too!
      Ha, Golu alag reh gaya, bichara

  8. Priya12

    Luved this os a lot….
    Short and sweet
    Enjoyed a lot ..
    Happy birthday maleeha di…
    Yeh, I too miss her…and niki ..I too can’t find pm details and even I can’t find her profile but before 1 month (approx)…I sent her pm..she too replied that she is having board and she will come back when her boarda r finished…

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