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Well this is a quick shot on Twinj requested by @Taani10.

She wanted to read a short and sweet OS on this track and I hope I reached your expectations ? This is my take according to request on this track ?


Twinkle Kunj Sarna : played by Jasmin Bhasin

Kunj Manohar Sarna : played by Sidhant Gupta

Yuvraj Luthra : Zain Imam

(I have mentioned only the main cast on which this whole OS will be focused ? Rest are supportive characters and not hold much importance in this OS)

Let’s start with a smile ?

                 ~ LOVE & DESPAIR ~

Well this story starts from Twinj visit to Goa for Kunj’s Convocation and them consummating their marriage after a lovey dovey date and here Anita vowing to kill kunj and ruin twinkle’s life while on other hand yuvraj was determined to shield twinj against his mother.

Scene starts from KuVi on boat where yuvraj tried to make kunj understand that it was all a plan to trap him and bring on boat so his mother can kill him (kunj) but due to yuvi’s past planning and plotting kunj denied to believe him and blamed him if he was behind twinkle’s kidnapping (though it was a lie from Anita that twinkle’s life is in danger) They had a fight though yuvi was trying to make kunj understand when from nowhere a bullet was shot and directly hit kunj on chest as yuvi was pushed on the floor during fight saving him from bullet.

Yuvi tried to hold kunj but he fell in deep water due to being on edge of boat.

Yuvi was screaming out for kunj trying to find him , while deep under water kunj was half unconscious and badly injured as he fell in sea his head hit a stone and due to excessive loss of blood he was loosing his senses and as he wasn’t a swimmer he could do nothing to save himself. Yuvraj jumped in water to find kunj but there was no clue of Kunj.

Twinkle was on sea shore finding kunj after the call she received from yuvi shocking her , her fear of days was overcoming , she was scared to loose kunj and last few incidents had a bad impression on her , His SCA case , accident and then both yuvi and his mother trapping her in fake marriage and trying to harm kunj had taken toll over her.

She had a bit of believe that yuvi is changed but all what he narrated shocked , shattered and angered her and as of her and yuvi’s confrontation on sea shore while in search of Kunj had a bitter one and what yuvi received a tight slap on his face when he tried to make her believe on police and life guards word’s who were trying to find kunj.

” Tw..twinkle Kunj’s survival chances are very low he was shot in his chest and then drowned in deep water in middle of the sea ” yuvraj spoke closing his eye’s wishing he won’t have to say those bitter word’s but reality was knocking them hardly.

Twinkle was shocked at his word’s , Her kunj leaving her felt like someone was stabbing her again and again , she can’t imagine her life without him , no this isn’t possible and when once again yuvi shook her by shoulders and tried to say same word’s he received a tight slap on his face.

” Don’t Mr Yuvraj Luthra ! Don’t you dare to once again speak a word for my kunj , he is completely alright okay , nothing happened to him , he can’t leave his twinkle like this , he is not a betrayer like you and dare you he…”

Twinkle spoke last three word’s stuttering and breaking down at end falling on her knees crying her heart out and praying her Babaji to give her kunj back to her , he can’t be so cruel to them , how can that innocent soul who had always wished for everyone’s betterment before himself suffer this way.

How can her Babaji snatch her support , her love , Her Life , the one who had hold her worst times , the one who stood by her when her so called first love betrayed her , when that so called love of her life tried to malign her respect , he took all the blame silently on him , bared so much pain of something he never did just for the sake of her self respect.

Even though how much yuvi had tried to hurt them , kill him almost last time in goa but last time even though yuvi had faked his illness he took that blame on himself for his state and did his best to take care of him. How can Babaji make suffer such selfless soul , she was crying badly remembering all their moments spent together , last night when they became one breaking all the boundaries around them.

His word’s from morning after he received the award and the way he dedicated to her , when she gifted him that bracelet and asked him to always keep that with him.

” How can I loose this beautiful gift , isko meray pyaar ne mujhe itne pyaar se diya hai aur main isse kabhi nahi kho sakta “

His word’s of not going leaving her was ringing in her ears , she was cursing herself this moment remembering how forcefully she made him go out with his friends when he wasn’t willing at all , the soft and promising kiss he placed on her forehead before leaving.

Tears seemed to be unstoppable from her eye’s , yuvi tried to hold her and console but she jerked him angrily and spoke in anger and venom shocking day lights out of him , he never thought he would ever came across this sight of her.

” Don’t..don’t touch me ! Stay…Stay away from me “

“Twinkle I know you are broken this moment but you need to accept the fact that this was deadly attack and his survival is next to impossible and “ He could not complete his word’s as she slapped him hard shocking everyone and spoke with anger.

” Stop Mr Yuvraj Luthra ! Not a single word from your filthy mouth ! I swear on my love yuvraj luthra if something happened to my husband I am gonna chop you both mother and son into thousand pieces , many times I have left you both until and unless it was all about me but this time that woman had crossed all her limits , she had tried to harm MY KUNJ and I am gonna make sure that filthy witch (Anita) is gonna rot in hell ”

He could not believe that he was hearing this all from a girl whom he had found always bubbly , full of life and selfless in 7 years of their relationship though fake but her moral and personality had always amazed him , he was always stunned to see this girl moulding into every single avatar he thought wasn’t possible for a single woman.

But he can’t ever deny the fact that this woman sitting infront of him broken and shattered was a unique piece who once if love someone can even give her life for them , this was the intensity of love but what love he saw for kunj today was something different , Her word’s had stunned him and seriousness and anger in her eye’s was something completely different.

Twinkle was sobbing badly trying to gather herself , Sun was setting and red hues mixed with darkness was now invading sky , with the arrival of darkness life guard’s and police felt that it was no use finding him , he might have been dead by now and became a pray to deadly sea animals.

Manohar Sir we have to stop the search now , it’s already night and it’s impossible to find him now more over the intensity of accident and then all the possibilities we look over it’s useless to find kunj , he might be de… ” police officer said but was interrupted by an angry roar.

” Stop !!! If you aren’t able to find him it’s your loose and usability and that doesn’t means you will say anything about my kunj . He is fine and nothing had happened to him. We don’t need you to find him. We will do it on our own ” roared twinkle angrily.

Everyone’s hope was giving up but no her believe was still firm , she knew her kunj could never leave her and started searching him near sea shore on her own by now Taneja and Sarna family was also present shocked and shattered by what all happened , they thought that finally now their children can be happy in their lives but fate had someother plans.

Everyone from the Sarna and Taneja family who saw yuvraj there were angry and lashed out on him , Bebe and Leela were trying to console and take twinkle from their as night was falling but twinkle wasn’t ready to listen them at all , Usha was shattered , she didn’t knew what to say being a mother she felt as if a part of her was lost or should say her pride her reason of survival for many years when her own husband and eldest son was to rude and so arrogant towards her Babaji had given her the reason who had been her everything and thus thought of loosing him felt as if someone snatched her soul.

” Twinkle puttar ! Come let’s go home , it’s already night and we can’t find kunj right now and look at your condition puttar, Let’s go home ” Leela spoke with teary eye’s seeing twinkle pale and lost shouting for kunj and trying to find him.

” Haan puttar Leela ji is saying correct “ Bebe tried to make her most favourite daughter in law understand though she was herself badly broken from inside.

Her Kunj puttar whom she had loved more than Anant and Cherry was missing after that deadly attack , Her Ladla puttar whose happiness comes before anything to her was missing.

” No Maa Bebe , how can I go home leaving my kunj , I know he is here only , I know he is teasing me , tang kar raha hai woh mujhe bebe , See apka Ladla puttar mujhe tang kar raha hai , Usse bolo na not to tease me “ twinkle spoke in a haze not in her senses just one thing was going in her mind , she needed her kunj right this moment with her and nothing else.

Bebe and Leela cried seeing her condition , they tried their best to make her understand but that poor soul wasn’t in state to understand anything , only one person can handle her this moment , HER KUNJ.

” Kunj ” twinkle whispered in a shock and wide eye’s at something but Leela was getting angry at twinkle , she could not see her daughter so vulnerable, it was piercing her soul seeing her daughter so broken.

” Bas kar twinkle ! Sambhal khud ko , Kunj his tarah se dooba hai aur jo goli usse lagi hai usse uska bachna namumkin hai ” Leela spoke crying holding twinkle by her shoulders and jerking her to make her come back to her senses.

But it felt deaf ear to twinkle , Leela was about to say something when she was pushed by her daughter and ran towards the sight she was trying to analyse without listening to Bebe and Leela’s shout but when they analysed where she ran they were shocked come happy.

Twinkle ran towards the big rock near the sea shore a few meters away from her and Leela’s sight , She saw a masculine figure lying on the sea shore unconscious. As she neared him she was hapoy to know it was her Kunj but his shirt was completely drenched in blood near his chest , she sat near him and placed his head carefully on Lap trying to wake him up.

” Kunj ! Kunj ! Utho “ twinkle said patting his cheek trying to make him gain his consciousness , Leela , Bebe and everyone else also reached there as Leela informed other’s and was happy to see Kunj but his condition scared them.

” We have to immediately rush him to hospital before his condition is worsened ” yuvi spoke and everyone agreed.

Anant and yuvi held unconscious kunj by his shoulders and immediately took him towards the car and lied him down on back seat with twinkle along him , his head was placed on her lap while Anant and yuvi was on front seat with yuvi driving the car , everyone else followed them in other cars.

They reached hospital and Kunj was immediately taken to operation theatre immediately , twinkle wasn’t ready to let go of him but Anant held her by shoulders and nodded at her with teary eye’s to let go.

Twinkle left his hand and sat with a thud on ground crying , Bebe and Leela rushed to her rescue , they were trying hard to console her , twinkle was pale and shattered by the incidents , everyone was in tears seeing their beloved children in such condition , here twinkle was not less then a lifeless body while on other hand kunj was fighting between life and death.

Anant and yuvi had already looked after all the thing’s doctors might require for kunj’s treatment , no one objected yuvi anymore as they could see his genuine concern but still they weren’t able to believe him specially after what happened with Kunj.

Doctor’s was treating Kunj trying their best to revive and save him but due to excessive loss of blood and severe injury on head was making it difficult moreover some reports were still left to be seen as if he had any serious internal injury or in’t.

They dressed and stitched his wound on head but but still the loss of blood had weakened Kunj’s body and they need immediate transfusion of blood on top of that his sickle cell anaemia condition was dangerous , they immediately need to stop bleeding and make sure he doesn’t have any internal bleeding as it can cost his life.

A nurse walked out of OT grabbing everyone’s attention and alerting them , she walked near them with tension visible on her face which scared of them.

” Patient needs immediate transfusion of blood and as you all are aware he bares rare blood group (O -ve) you need to arrange blood as it isn’t available in hospital and blood bank’s we contacted ”

This was another shock for everyone specially twinkle and Leela , they remembered how much they have to suffer finding a donor for kunj when last time he needed blood due to accident and how yuvi and Anita trapped them and used their helplessness.

” I.. I will donate blood , mine and kunj’s blood group is same “ yuvi spoke remembering how he had blackmailed twinkle in past on stake of Kunj’s life.

But this time he was changed and this was the time he could repay them for all the times they saved and helped him , might be this can gain bit if their trust that he was really changed , he really wanted to repay for his all devilish deeds which led everyone in pain each time.

Nurse nodded her head in yes and lead yuvi to the room so that he can changed and get prepared for donating blood to Kunj , he was lead in OT and asked to lay on the bed opposite to where kunj was treated and it was sperated from a glass door from which yuvi could see what all was going on.

He was guilty seeing kunj in such condition but what hurted him more was it was all due to his own mother for her stupid revenge and obsession to destroy Leela.

Her stupid ! Yes now it felt STUPID , really idiotic to him cause of which an innocent life had been suffering everytime , whenever they had tried to hurt twinkle or Leela it was kunj who had suffered while shielding them (Leela and Twinkle) from their evil plotting.

Soon blood was transfused , yuvi was bit dizzy due to transfusion so layed there only on bed resting for a while along the glucose that he had been given through the viens of his left hand to stabilize his condition. Though he was dizzy but still he could see all the procedure going on for kunj’s treatment and the disappointment on doctors face was visible.

He had never been the one to believe in existance of God , it isn’t he was rebel to it but he wasn’t the one to be attached to Babaji but he knew how much strong connection twinkle had with her Babaji and then even kunj wasn’t less , he rembered when last time on Twinj trip to Goa during their honeymoon he tried to scare twinkle in church in absence of Kunj and twinkle thought it to be Kunj’s prank and complained like a kid to Babaji but what amused him was kunj no less , he was even a kid that moment , He chuckled a bit remembering their kiddish complains to Babaji , he was sure that these two were big devotees of their Babaji and for once he asked Babaji to give them (twinj) back their happiness.

After 3 hours yuvi was better and was sitting on the hospital chair along others , he feeling a bit weakness and sitting burrying his head in his hand’s when someone passed him a glass of juice , he looked up to find bebe offering juice to him but still she maintained the stern look on her face , he could see tear marks on her face.

Was she the same person whose favourite son , her pride , her soul was lying lifeless fighting life and death due to his mother and still she was caring for him though trying her best to show she didn’t.

” Bebe you don’t need toyuvi tried to speak but was interrupted by her.

” Peele isse warna bimaar par jayega , tujhe zaroorat hai iski aur iske baad jake aaram Karle ghar “

” It’s okay bebe ! I am fine ”

Chup ! Keh ditta teh te bas keh ditta ” bebe spoke glaring yuvi , yuvi smiled a bit and nodded his head in yes.

As per Bebe’s order yuvi left for home to go and rest for sometime but came back within an hour.

After more than an hour doctor came out of the OT with a look of disappointment and despair , everyone rushed towards him and the first one to ask him about kunj was twinkle who seemed to have lots of hopes.

” What happened doctor ? Kunj is fine na ? ” twinkle spoke with lots of hope.

” We have operated him and removed the bullet from his body , it was a risky task as bullet was 2 mm away from heart , he was lucky enough to survive that but due to injury on head and loss of blood he is still uncncious and we can’t say much about his condition unless he gains his consciousness. He needs to gain consciousness with in 24 hour’s else we might loose him or he slips into coma. “

” But I don’t want you people to have any false hope. His health is quite worsened. He isn’t responding to any kind of treatment “

Doctor left from their leaving everyone in shock , twinkle stumbled a bit only to he held by Bebe. She was continuously mumbling which broke everyone more seeing her condition but they could not do anything , they were helpless.

” nothing happened to my kunj (turning to bebe) I know bebe he is just teasing me…tang kar raha hai vo…usse apni Siyappa Queen ko tang karne mein buhat maza aata hai…aap toh jaante hona bebe woh Kaisa hai…” twinkle spoke into haze breaking into tears at end.

” Twinkle puttar sambhal khud ko…Tu sahi bol rahi hai hamare kunj ko kuch nahi hoga puttar…Tu dekh ek baar woh theek hojaye kaan kheechun gi uske meri nuh (daughter in law) ko tang karne ke liye “ Bebe spoke in a firm tone.

Seeing twinkle broken and shattered yet her believe so firm and strong for her kunj she realised how can she loose her hope just yet. She knew her Ladla puttar was a fighter and won’t loose so easily.

” Tu ja jakar kunj se mil aur usse daant meri taraf se bhi dantna main gurdwara ja kar aati hun ” bebe spoke consoling twinkle.

Twinkle nodded her head in yes though everyone else didn’t wanted twinkle to be in any false hope but a glare from bebe when they were about to speak something made it clear that it was the time to become support of twinkle and pray for their kunj and not just to give up.

Twinkle after taking permission from doctor went inside the ICU ward kunj was shifted , seeing him pale and lifeless with many machines pierced in his hands with life support stabbed her soul , She never thought to see Kunj like this again , She wished she should have been in his place. His head and wounded arm had a bandage , he had became so weak and pale.

Why he had to suffer always for her ?

She took baby steps towards him holding her tears ” No she can’t be weak , She had to be strong for him , for her , for them “ She sat beside him on the chair beside him and held his hand in hers firmly and placed soft kisses on it.

” Listen this song while reading twinkle’s dialogues ?

And along dialogue in bracket there will be small flashbacks from twinj conversations to relate twinkle’s dialogues ! But it would be particularly twinj conversation (I will mention from which episode and scene) “

” Kunj ! Look your twinkle is here..Don’t you want to irritate me today ? See I promise I won’t stop you or won’t even get angry on you promise but please get up… “

Tears escaped her eye’s seeing him so unresponsive.

” See you only say na you hate tears in my eyes than why are you letting them fall , it hurts you to see me like this then why are you doing this to me ? “

Flashback :

” Twinkle please don’t ever cry , kyunki roti tu hai par dard mujhe hota hai ” kunj said wiping her tears while she was lovingly gazing him.

Flashback Ends…

……….No Response………..

” please wake up na kunj ! Look if you won’t wake up na I won’t talk to you ”

………No Response……….

Kunj Dekho I promise I won’t ever irritate you in morning and won’t even fight with you but please wake up…”

” It hurts me to see you like this Kunj…You are hurting your twinkle kunj…Pl…ple…Please wake up na I love you…”

Twinkle could not hold herself more and ran away from there bursting into tears everyone tried to stop her but she didn’t cared about anything.

” T..twinkle stop…” everyone shouted..

” I will go and see after her… ” yuvraj spoke while everyone nodded while Anand accompanied yuvraj , they were about to go and find her when Leela spoke.

” You don’t need to find her..”

Everyone was confused but soon agreed to what Leela said..

” Iss waqt agar usse kisi ki zaroorat haina kunj ke alawa toh woh uske Babaji hai.. Ek wahi jagah jo iss waqt uske andar chal rahe tufaan ko shaant kar sakti hai , main mana nahi kar rahi uske peeche jaane se kyunki uska iss waqt uska akele jana theek nahi par wahan usse kuch waqt akele de dena.. Usse apna dil halka karne ki zaroorat hai..”

Everyone agreed to her word’s , they knew if something could gave twinkle peace than only it was Gurdwara , She needs to vent out her heart.


Twinkle was sitting morsely , no more tears fell from her eye’s they were dried , her energy drained , it felt she lost herself along Kunj , Her eyes were swollen , hair in dishevelled state , her Saree was having stains of kunj blood that were scattered on her clothes while she took him in her arms at beach and all the time she was hugging him in car.

Yuvi and Anand was watching this from a distance within teary eye’s when twinkle finally started speaking but her each word broke them more and they felt bad for them (twinj) while guilt overpowered yuvi.

” Why Babaji ? Why are you doing this to me ? To kunj ? Apko toh pata haina how much I love kunj ! Galti maine ki thi na yuvi ko apna sacha pyaar samajhne ki toh phir har dafa saza kunj ko kyun milti hai ? Har dafa woh kyun ? “

” Why always him ? Why always he had to suffer ? “

Her soul was shattered by all the happening’s but their were no more tears , She was falling weak , She felt like loosing but her love for him became her strength , it wasn’t letting her give up.

” Bas Babaji aaj tak apne mujhe buhat punishments diye yuvi ke dhoke ko pyaar samajhne par , apni maa ko hurt Kiya na yuvi ki wajah se par uski saza mujhe deni tho kunj ko kyun di “

An old man precisely to say the one who looks after gurdwara (I don’t know what that person is called , I guess Baba ji right ?)

He kept his hand on twinkle’s head gaining her attention and spoke.

” Puttar sache badshah se agar dil ki gehraiyon aur be intehaa shiddat se dua mangi jaye toh woh puri zaroor hoti hai “

” Baba ji mujhe inse sirf apne kunj ki Zindagi chahiye aur kuch nahi , usse mujhe wapas lauta de mujhe aur kuch nahi chahiye

” Tu bhi Babaji se maang apne kunj ki zindagi ki dua itni shiddat se maang ke woh zaroor puri karen puttar “

Old Man left from their blessing twinkle giving her anew day of hope , Yes ! She will stand against Babaji until and unless he gives her back her Kunj , Twinkle stood up and took pheras when her mind drifted into some beautiful memories of Kunj and her.


She remembered during the time RT’s truth was about to reveal infront of her and even when mahi came to know about them (Leela and Twinkle) and when they wmvisited gurdwara how he held her hand while taking pheras with her , She could not stop admiring him and gazing their intertwined hand’s.


A small smile appeared on her lips when at the same time tear escaped her eye’s missing him beside her , she so wished him walking ahead of her holding her hands.

After some time twinkle sat down closing her eye’s praying for kunj with all the intensity of love she had for him.


” Aaj tak apne mujhe jis raah par vhalaya Babaji usse apka ashirwaad samajh kar, ankhien band kare uss raste par chali hun , jab bhi kuch manga apne diya aur jo nahi diya uspar kabhi koi shikayat nahi no par aaj apko mujhe mera kunj wapas karna hoga Babaji “

On other hand kunj’s health was deteriorating bit by bit , doctor were trying to calm him down but it felt as if something was piercing his soul.

” Agar aap ziddi hona Babaji toh aap bante ho apki twinkle kitni ziddi hai , agar aaj kunj ko kuch Hua na Babaji toh sirf marega kunj nahi balke twinkle bhi…Kyunki kunj hai toh twinkle hai warna yeh dono ek dusre ke bina adhoore hain…Suna apne Babaji adhoore hain dono kunj aur twinkle ek dusre ke bina..Adhoore hain hum..Mujhe mera kunj lauta dijiye..” twinkle broke down into tears at end crying her heart out.

Doctor gave kunj an injection to calm him down and within seconds kunj’s condition was stable , they sighed in relief and came out of the ICU Room with contentment.

Anand received call from bebe which he attended on speaker and what yuvi and Anand heard amazed them , Truly Babaji can’t ever separate two soul’s that love eachother immensely.

Twinkle bowed her head infront of Babaji and them went to holy lake , after taking some amrit jal and prasad she decided to go hospital but this time twinkle was strong enough to fight for them (twinj).

Twinkle reached hospital and see smile playing on everyone’s faces , As Bebe saw her approaching confused toward’s them went near her and took her in hug and spoke.

” Twinkle puttar kunj ab theek hai , doctor sahab ne bola usse kuch der mein hosh ajayega ”

Twinkle looked at her surprised , her face lit up with her ever beautiful smile , it felt as if someone gifted the gift of Life to a lifeless soul , the glow on her face and shine in her eye’s were back.

” Twinkle puttar pehle tu ghar ja aur ja kar fresh hokar kapre badal ke aaja “

Twinkle was about to denie but bebe interrupted..

” Agar kunj tujhe aisi halat mein dekhe ga toh kitna pareshaan hojayega , jab tak tu wapas ayegi usse hosh ajayega “

Twinkle finally gave into Bebe’s order and went to get freshen up and change her clothes , She was back within an hour , She was dressed in simple purple anarkali but the spark that was lost since yesterday was back.

After a while nurse came out and informed everyone that kunj had gained his consciousness but only one person can meet him now , sadness lingered twinkle’s face thinking she won’t be able to meet kunj now as more than her it was Is he’s right to meet her son.

” Twinkle puttar ja mil le kunj se kiska intezaar kar rahi hai ” Usha spoke surprising twinkle and everyone else.

” Par mummy ji aap ? “

” Puttar mein jaanti hun apne bete ko Iss waqt bhi usse khud se zyada teri salami ki fikar hogi aur woh jab tak tujhe apni ankhon se nahi dekh leta usse chain nahi aana hai “

Twinkle nodded her head in yes while on yuvi’s insistance to rest for a while everyone else decided to once visit home and freshen up so that till the time everyone will be allowed to meet him one by one , Yuvi decided to be there so in case of anything is needed he is there to provide that.

Twinkle went inside kunj’s ward and saw him resting with closed eye’s , She went near him and held his hand carefully not hurt him and placed a soft kiss on his forehead that was covered with white bandage , he looked so pale and weak due to all the happening’s.

Kunj opened his eyes slightly trying to adjust his blurr vision , he blinked his eye’s twice to get over blurness and saw twinkle sitting beside him with a smile on her face though her eye’s were teary.

” T..t..twinkle ” kunj said in a weak and stuttering tone.

He raised his hand’s weakly to wipe her tears and nodded his head in no asking her to stop crying.

” You know I hate tears in your eye’s ”

” I LOVE YOU KUNJ ! I Love you alot don’t ever do this again

” Shhh Siyappa Queen ! I am okay , jab tak tu meray paas hai mujhe kuch nahi ho sakta “

Twinkle intertwined their hands together and kissed on his hand and spoke.

” Jab tak kunj hai tab tak twinkle kyunki hum dono ek dusre ke bina adhoore hain “

Kunj smiled weakly and nodded his head in yes and tightened his hold on twinkle’s hand.

” Kunj Sarna kitna dara diya tha tumne , kabhi socha mera Kya haal hogaya tha , aisa laga jaise Babaji ne mujhse meri saansien cheen li hon “

Twinkle continued pouring her heart to him and kunj was listening to her , twinkle looked at him silently gazing at her smiling , She gestured him “What ?” With her eye’s while kunj smiled and spoke :

” Kitna bolti hai na tu Siyappa Queen but I love this Siyappa Queen for forever and eternity.. “

Twinkle rested her head on right shoulder slightly grazing her hand over the bandage on his left side of chest that had blood marks and spoke.

” Don’t ever leave me kunj warna I will die “

” Shh aisa mat bola kar Siyappa Queen ! Tujhe iss Sadu Sarna ko saari Zindagi jhelne hai…”

Kunj placed a kiss on her head while twinkle intertwined their free hands , her head testing on his shoulder and two lovers were silently savouring the moment of togetherness


Okay so here I end this shot ?

Don’t worry this is not the end ?

One more is coming ahead ?

But it’s enough for now ? Its almost 5500 word’s ? Gosh the longest OS I have ever wrote ?

Okay second part of this OS will be now posted after the freaks competition ? Okay don’t be confused it’s a competition arranged on Wattpad so once I am done with it I will write the second part ” FOREVER & ALWAYS “

Means don’t expect that part to be posted before 15 July ?

Here I bid adeau ? I hope you all liked this concept ? I know this was something we all wished for to happened in show but sadly we didn’t get to see all this , Cv’s disappointed us alot after Kunj’s accident and honestly the show lost it’s charm with the exit of sidhant.

So here was a piece of writing which I hope could have given peace to our heart’s ?

Don’t forget to share your views about the OS !

See you all soon ?

Bye Everyone !
Aanu ? 

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