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in this story rikara are married but om can’t accept gauri. why? find out in the upcomings. but gauri has gaven her life to om. she does everything perfectly. even gave om children to love but om doesn’t realise the children nor gauri. not even the family……. everything gauri does. the credit is always given to someone else.

read this story about rikara’s love. gauri’s struggles and om’s guilt.





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omkara a.k.a om, age: 33: hates art now. he is a ruthless and arrogant businessman. he also hates gauri to the core. loves someone else. he doesn’t pay attention to his kids either and only loves his bhai, Bhabhi, their children, mum, dadi, shinky, ruvya and their children.

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gauri, age: 31: she is not loved by anyone in the family apart from her children. she does everything perfectly but credit? credit is always given to someone else. she is not noticed by the family nor by her husband om. she loves om with all her heart and wishes for him to love her back.

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aadhira, age: 12: daughter of rikara. she loves her mother but hates her father and family. her cousins doesn’t notice her at all. she is very high in studies just like her brother. like her name, she shines in the darkness like moonlight. she loves her siblings.

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viren, age: 13: son of rikara. loves his mother but hates his father and family as they can’t accept his mother. loves his siblings. competes with aadhira a lot in studies and sports. his cousins doesn’t notice him at all.

omika a.k.a munni, age: 3: she is the youngest in the family and is very sweet and cute. she doesn’t go to school yet so she is always at home with her mama. as she is very young, she thinks her papa is evil so is not close to him. she always carries her teddy with her.

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bhavya, age: 36: she is four years older than rudy but that doesn’t matter. cop.

Rudra a.k.a rudy, age: 32: he is a songwriter and still is dumbbell oberoi.

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naira, age: 10: daughter of ruvya.

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ruhi, age: 9: daughter of ruvya.

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Sanjana a.k.a sanju, age: 16: eldest daughter of shivika and is a bit smart. she is very fashionable and creative.

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sanjay a.k.a prince, age: 13: very sporty and is the only son of shivika. he can be smart but crazy at times. also is kind. crushing on a girl called durga.

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aarti, age: 13: fierce beauty. dyed her hair against her mother’s wishes. very sporty and arch rival is her brother’s crush. doesn’t always get along with her mother.

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shivika, shivay, age: 37 and anika, age: 36: shivay is a successful businessman and anika is a successful wedding planner


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  1. Jasminerahul

    nice cs.usually it’s rumya in your ffs.but here it’s ruvya n usually in all ffs ruhi is rumya’s daughter.but here she is ruvya’s daughter

  2. Nikita_jai29

    Looking forward to see the next update

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