Love defeats all – Episode 2


The episode starts with Ishani feeding twinky and says ur name is so cute. Twinkle smiles. Ranveer secretly watches her. Suddenly the lights off. Ishani says to her wait I’ll bring candles and goes out of the room and clashes wd Ranveer. Ishani falls on him and they fell on the floor. They share an eyelock. Ishani tried to get up but was unable. Twinkle too came out of the room and she lost her balance and she too fell on them. Twinkle hugged Ishveer tightly as she was frightened and they came more close. Ishani starts feeling strange like love. They manage to get up. Ranveer checks the meter box and fixes the fuse and the lights come back. Ishani felt shy and leaves from there.

There neha comes with chirag. Ranveer asks them to get lost. Neha sees Ishani and says oh wow! It’s a nice exchange offer isn’t it. I’m wd ur ex husband and u wd my ex. Chirag laughs. Ishani comes and slaps both of then tightly and says this slap is for ruining a delicate life ruining life of this small girl. Neha says I haven’t ruined it infact I came to take her wd me and ur no one to… Ranveer says shut up she is more loving and caring than u bl**dy cheat. Neha says whatever. She goes to twinkle and hugs and hugs her and says baby I missed u so much. Twinkle pushes her and says ur evil. Ranveer sarcastically laughs and says now even a small kid can identify ur selfishness. Twinkle comes and throws black ink on chirag’s face. Chirag shouts how dare u. Ranveer says lower ur

volume it’s not ur chol where you can do whatever you want. Neha shouts how dare u twinky and was going to slap where Ishani holds her hands and twist it and says u have no right to slap her. Ranveer makes a video of her slapping and thus collects evidence of neha being inappropriate mom. He calls security guard and asks the guards to throw them out. Ishani says now I think I should leave.

Precap:— twinkle asks Ranveer to marry Ishani and to make her mumma

Credit to: Ishveer forever

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  2. So nice episode it was so cute and heart touching pls update the next soon ?

  3. Nice epi. May i know you name n age?? Its a request dear plss….

  4. Hey loved it sooooooooooooooo much if u can post your next epi soon

  5. Astha Chawta

    Dear writer, in the next episode can you make a cute ishani and twinkle moment like Ruhi and Ishita?

  6. jasmine Rahul

    ishveer fall scene was very romantic.twinkle too fell down n it became a nice family scene.neha wants twinkle’s custody.oh.liked how twinkle behaved 2 neha n chirag n how ishani stopped neha from slapping her.ranveer took the video as a proof 2 show how neha is as a mom.precap is so interesting

  7. Nandana

    Very nice ff I really like it update the next episode soon

  8. jasmine Rahul

    plz update soon

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