Love defeats all – Episode 1


The episode starts with Ishani agreeing for the treatment of twinkle at Ranveer’s place. Ishani says so before the custurdy we have to make twinkle’s mental condition normal. She needs a lot care attention and pampering. Ranveer says yes. Ishani says we have very less time. Ranveer says plz try your best. I will pay u double triple infact how much u say. Ishani says ranveer I’m here u help you out and ur my best friend and I m not doing it for money but for ur sake. Ishani says so let’s go and meet her. Ranveer drives her to his house. Then she enters twinky’ storm. Ishani saw her sitting quietly at a window pane drawing a picture. Ishani goes to her and says hi princess. She didn’t even look at her. She sits beside her and say baby what ur drawing. Twinkle shows her her drawing with a daughter and her father but mom was missing. Twinkle says I my mumma left me I have papa but no mumma all my friends have mom and their mom is extremely very loving. She cries. Ishani hugs her and says don’t worry you don’t know ur so lucky to have such a loving papa. She says I’m ur new friend from now we will play study exercise and do a lot of fun. Twinkle says okay and gives her chocolates. Ishani accepts those. In the meantime Ranveer brings food for her and twinkle refuses. Ishani says if u don’t eat food on time Ull fall sick. Twinkle says it’s so yak and boring if I had a nice mumma then she would prepare cakes and cupcakes for me. Ishani says
but it’s not good for health. Twinkle throws of the plate and goes from there. Ranveer shouts at her while Ishani says not to because she is in emotional pain at four
years of ages her mother leaving her and her being alone is a very disturbing and painful thing l.

Ranveer says but she is not alone I mean I’m wd her her grandma
visits her every weekend and she has so many friends. Ishani says are u or ur mom
or her friends capable to take her mom’s place. Ranveer says no but she hasn’t
eaten anything since morning. Ishani says don’t worry. Ishani goes to kitchen and
prepares lunch for her. Ranveer comes there and apologize her as she has to
cook for his daughter. Ishani asks her to stop being formal and says that I feel bad
seeing twinkle in this state and I’m trying my best to make her overcome from this
trauma. Ranveer says even I will help. Ishani guides him and by mistake he
touches hot vessel Ishani says be careful and she washes his hand and applies
ointment on the burned part. Ranveer just stares at her and thanks him. He says
thanks. Ishani says the meal is ready. She says I will make her eat. She enters her room and says so the yummy yummy food has come for twinkle. She goes towards mher and says see ur papa has prepared ur favorite paneer sabji and heart shaped paratha for u and ur donuts too are getting

Twinkle says no I won’t eat. Ishani saya a story and she gets influenced by her and finally she makes her eat. Ranveer was quietly watching the scenario and smiles and thinks I wish she would have been her mom and me her….. He says no she is just for her sake although I love her I shouldn’t confess or else my daughter too would get away from me to that evil neha.
Precap:- Ishani was at Ranveer house and the lights go off Ranveer collides wd Ishani and he falls on her they share an eyelock

Credit to: Ishveer forever

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    i’ve commented on the introduction part.plz check.
    loved ishani Twinkle scene.its so beautiful..ishani talking 2 ,feeding her n all was nice.Ishveer scene of Ishani applying on oinment on his burnt finger n ranveer looking at her was ranveer loves ishani,but he isnt confessing it fearing that bcz of that he will lose his daughter too.
    Is Ishra also included in this ff or just YHM theme is adapted in this ff?

  2. Nice episode it is heart touching and emotional also update the next soon ?

  3. Ishveer forever


  4. Hey loved it keep up post your next epi soooo plz and may I know your age plz


  6. Nandana

    Nice episode I really like it update the next episode soon

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