Love in deep sea by princess krisha (raglak) Os

Ragini,the one n only princess of Atlanta(sea kingdom) ,a beautiful girl one could have ever seen. She’s the bubbliest,naughtiest n cutest mermaid.ragini was now turning 18,so by now she had learned about sea in her school(Atlanta school they teach about sea n how to protect it etc).King of Atlanta atlantis(greek god with weapin in his hand,he is the protector of sea)has decided to send his daughter ragini to learn more things from amrit,one of the popular professor n trainer of kings family ,to complete her degree ,so she can rule her kingdom .He said this to ragini,ragini was top student of Atlanta school she has got many shells n awards .She wanted to learn more n more so she quickly nodded.the assembly completed.

Next day was raginis sendoff,
Ragini was in her room,her tail was pinkish violet with blue glitters,the most beautiful tail of all mermaids.her room was full of her books( made of Pearl shell n special plant called lorinkishiye,special plant found in Atlanta,it is used as writing surface) n pens made our of large shell n all her medals n pics n one portrait.let’s zoom to the portrait its none other than our handsome laksh, laksh khanna(he’s the prince of rajghat)(but our ragini doesn’t know it).From childhood she gets the image of this person,with the help of her shell named larsk n octopus fluid as ink,she draws picture of laksh.Ragini was gazing at it lovely,she had fallen in love with him,she wondered when she’ll meet her prince charming.

Here Atlantis was thinking about ragini n that fortune tellers words rung in his ears that ragini will go to land ,as she belongs there.he wiped his tears .

Next day ,all people sent ragini with guru amrit to akyse(its gurukul school of Atlanta).all was sad,as princess ragini is going.she’s the apple of all eyes. She told them to be happy,all were proud as she’s the only girl who’s studying high school .she’s not less than her brother sanskar muttered group.hearing this ragini face fell,but she gave a smile n took her pet Alice, a small puffy dog like that lives in sea n guardian of princess.

Ragini remembers about her brother sanskar.he was elder prince of Atlanta, talented ,when he was about to become king he ran away with swara,his he didn’t return.she thought if hr had once said about this.papa would have married them.she reminisced about their moments.she was travelling in a large green bubble.

It stops at a platform.she got by day ragini learns all,she’s best student.all princess of other kingdoms were jealous of day amrit takes all princess to top of sea.all went .laksh the handsome talented prince of rajghat came there.when he saw ragini at instant he fell in love with her.ragini too sees him n becomes shocked. (Guys ragini n princess r in human form as they came to tour land if anyone see them it’ll be a trouble na,so they transformed by using mayakala n all spillted separately to search larkspur flower,while searching raglak saw rest continues).ragini wearing a beautiful white lehenga n she was looking as goddess,both were lost in each others eyes.ragini broke the eyelock n began to run,but laksh caught her hand n pulled her closer.there was no inch gap between their faces.laksh kneeled n said sundari I love you,its just not words my hearts sayings n not fr ur beauty, I see something on ur eyes that attracts me.ragini runs.she reached akyse,she blushes remembering laksh proposing her. She went to land n saw some flirting with laksh n grew angry.she neared laksh n hugged him n kissed him on lips n said I love u jaan come let’s go…..laksh was shocked but later felt happy that ragini loves him. He knew her not only from today but from his birth,her face always comes in his dreams ,he too loves her.

Days pass by laksh knew ragini was mermaid,but love has no limits na .their love grew more deep.once when they both were sitting on shore,laksh back hugged ragini.ragini leaned back on lakshs chest.both were sitting like that,when she started to tell him about sanskar tears fell from her eyes,he wiped it n said ragini we will search ur bro okk.ragini found peace in lakshs love.

One day when laksh was passing in his palace,he heard mahamantri say that they had kidnapped two mermaids n kept them in temple.

Laksh knows secret path to temple,he said it to ragini, she was so happy,that alas she could find her bro.she hugged laksh n cried with happiness.

Laksh was best warrior of Land,he defeated many great warrior. They both went to temple. Laksh fought with soldiers on guard n defeated them. Ragini entered temple,when someone about to hit her, but laksh pushed him n made him unconscious. Both went, when the temple guard goddess said that ragini has to sacrifice her tail n take human form.then only swasan will be released. Ragini once looked at her tail n sacrificed. Swasan were released n both were happy. When sanskar saw swara he hugged her. Laksh was holding ragini ,who was unconscious, she was dying,she said laksh,when sanskar heard voice hr looked back n saw his sis.he went near her. His princess was dying.laksh prayed to temple goddess n she said ragini can be saved only if u give ur life laksh..

Whole Atlanta was looking this,

Laksh said yes I’m ready my love is pure so I’m ready to sacrifice my life.ragini said no laksh pld don’t do this n became unconscious. His life went to her. Love goddess came separate his life into half fr ragini n half for laksh.she blessed both n went wishing them a happy life.swasan went to Atlanta n he became king after few days.Atlanta missed ragini their eyes. Laksh married ragini n were happy.

Lakshd love for Her made Atlantis accept marriage of raglak. Finally all solved.once in a 6 months laksh n ragini would go to Atlanta to meet all.
Finally end…..hope u all liked it.I know it’s lame os but try to comment guys. Lets be friends

This I’d purely imaginative n words n terms of certain things are creative. If u like this pls put ur comments.

Its princess krisha signing off bye……its my own work guys

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