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here goes the chapter 2of Love Deep Inside Us

Sandhir had reunite and had planned a get together where they had called the dream team to ISRC. they wanted their old friends to meet their new team mates and also to freshen up old memories. Sanyukta was decorating the room for the party,sanyu-Randhir plzz pass the stool i want to put this ribbon. RD-wait il do it you will fall down.sanyu-you give it to me i wont fall and of course if i fall you catch me.They argue for some time but then rd finally agrees n lets sanyu put the ribbon.Sanyu tries to play a prank on him and acts to fall.Randhir rushes to catch her,now sanyu is in his arms feeling as if the world around her had stopped they were constantly looking at each other their eye lock is broken by parth’s voice.Parth-oops sorry i had no intensions of disturbing you.Randhir-you parth! always enter at the wrong time. soon all of the dream team members reach there and sandhir introduce them to their new team members. Kautoki, yoyo ,vids,parth,sahil all were their all they were all reacalling old memories

As they told about sandhir’s bond sanaya and aryan started feeling irritated and both of them move out. Sanyukta’s continuouse coughing was grabbing randhir’s attension. if wanted to ask her about it but hdid not get the time to do so as parth took him outof the room saying-Randhir kya yr you dont even have drinks out here come lets go n bring some drinks and play some games as we used to play at FITE. Both of them bring drinks from the bar.

parth yoyo vidhushi insisted sandhir to dance and also told everybody that randhir and sanyu had won many competations while dancing,they had even danced once blind folded. Their chemistry is soo strong that every one forgets all the things and start dazing at them.

sanyu and randhir start dancing at bolna.Randhir’s eyes in sanyukta’s.Both of them were pulling each other into themselves.Randhir rolling his handes all around sanyu’s back he was tounching her handes and stomach felling her warmth and sanyukta dazing at him,it was after such a long time she felt his touch. She surrendered herself to him closed her eyes and enjoyes the moment.


Hpoe you wil like it,ill also be giving precap for the next chapter,

precap-sanyu starts coughing and bood comes out from her mouth,randhir checks her cupboard and finds some doctor’s report.He breaks down after reading it.

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