It’s LOVE my dear…(krpkab) EPISODE 1 by darshana

Epi-1(it is completely in sona’s voice)
I was doing my blush standing in front of my dressing table when i hear this song..”jo tu mere humdard tu mera humdard hai”(its a song from badrinath Ki dulhania) it was Elena who was sitting and hearing this song..i love this song but right now if lose myself in the beauty of this song then i am sure i will get late..all my thoughts were interrupted by a car horn..i knew who it was,i quickly winded up and went out but before going i gave Elena some instructions after all i am her elder sister.

Sona:(to Elena)i am going and i maybe late so lock the door safely,don’t let anyone come in until i come and the last one you don’t go out
I said the last part with a stress..

Elena:i am big now not a small kid that you are saying this to me.
Sona:not a small kid..don’t you remember the last time when i went out you did a party here and the whole colony got irritated by the high volume of music..i had to say sorry to them and we even got a warning..
Elena:ok fine i do..don’t remind me of that old aunty broke my fav speakers..?
The sound of horn is heard again..
Sona:stop your drama ..bye.
Elena:bye?(still acting)
As soon as i got out i said “i am coming”

I quickly sat down …wondering where i am going and with whom am i going??? let me end the suspense now..i am going with a vey special person…don’t get it wrong,i am going with my best friend Swathi Kapoor..she is a businesswoman and one of the top businesswoman in Delhi. She is going to get an award today…the Youngest Businesswoman 2k17..i am so happy for her…her whole family is into business so she have got this instinct.

After a drive of about half an hour we reached..the award function is being held in a five star hotel’s banquet hall..we headed in,the hall was beautifully decorated..we took our seats..soon it was so borrrriiiiiinggggggg?..i could have dodged into sleep if i hadn’t bought my phone..i kept checking it again and again..finally it was announced

“the youngest businesswoman 2k17 award goes to swathi Kapoor”…i was so happy,clapped really hard for her. After taking the award she headed for the media and now me and my phone was completely alone.?…the next award was for the youngest businessman for 2k17..but as soon as this announcement was made the lights went off..the people who were silent till now started murmuring….then all of a sudden a spotlight got on and was focused on the entrance..everyone looked back including me…we all could see a figure of a man maybe wearing tuxedo,slowly he walked towards the face but i was not able to see his face as i was sitting in the corner…i tried hard and just then my phone started ringing it was Elena..i moved towards the washroom area so that i could talk to her..

Sona:Haan bol(tell)
Elena:how is it going?
Sona:nyc..swathi ko award mil Gaya..main 1hr me aajaungi(NYC..swathi received the award and I will be back within an hour.)
Elena:ok..i will wait

I hanged the call,when I came back the award ceremony had come to an maybe the businessman award was the last one..i headed to have my dinner.
I am not a foodie but some dishes..i love them so much that I may appear to be a foodie?..for example cheese macaroni pasta. And my happiness knew no bonds when i saw that it was one of the item in the menu…i quickly filled the whole plate with it.?
But my happiness was just like id ka chand.i was heading to my table where i can dine over pasta..but a stupid,obodhru,rude,self centered man came into my way and he hit me on my shoulder with his shoulder..?..due to that my pasta filled slipped and called down??.
I shouted back

Sona:oye Mr rude…
But he didn’t even turned back!

Precap:sona and that rude man argument
Thank you so much everyone for supporting me!So how was it ??.hope i met ur expectations. Guess who is that man??? Pls comment even silent readers…you are even free to give your suggestion
Loads of love????

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  1. Awesome

    1. Darshana

      Thank you?

  2. Priya12

    Wow…awesomeee epi…
    Luved it..damn excited
    Pls post asap di

    1. Darshana

      Thanks a lot means a lot for me!?
      i will surely try to post soon

  3. Darshana

    Hey everyone i am really sorry for the typo errors..i was in a hurry so i didn’t recheck..i promise next time i will recheck before posting it..sorry

    1. Never seen krpkab but now i will you were beond words

      1. Darshana

        Oh really that’s great!?..and thanks a lot for such a lovely compliment but I don’t think i deserver this

  4. ShrutiP

    Awesome yaar Darshana…
    Loved it… Eagerly waiting for the next one…Post soon..???

    1. Darshana

      Thanks a lot…i will surely try to post soon dear?

  5. Akshita

    Did you give any intro of characters? ?

    1. Darshana

      Ya ..u even commented in that..shall i forward the link??

      1. Akshita

        Actually I forgot the plot ??plzz give me link of intro

    2. Darshana

      And i hope u like it!?

  6. awesome. post soon. and i guess the rude man is dev…

    1. Darshana

      Thanks a lot rithika..even i think so?
      sorry dear u wait for the next which will be posted soon?

  7. Sgatik

    Awesome episode. Pls post soon

    1. Darshana

      Thanks ..surely i will post soon..just stay tuned??

  8. Rekhadhir

    Nice story
    Ye mr obodro apna dev hi hai

    1. Darshana

      Thank you..even i think its dev??..sorry i cant tell u know..u have to wait for sometime…? stay update will be soon

  9. Manya

    Rude man toh ek hi ho sakta hai Mr devrath dixit???
    Post soon
    Love u??

    1. Darshana

      Haha Maine bhi yehi guess kiya???..
      lets wait for the next which will posted soon
      love u too?

  10. The episode was nice and funny the way you wrote it make me enjoy reading it ?
    And hmm I think it is dev the rude man ?
    Waiting for next episode ?

    1. Darshana

      Thank u so much found it funny too..????
      glad to know that you liked my writing style?
      haha everyone guessing its dev..let see who it is??
      i will surely try to post soon?

  11. Srush

    The epi was awsm darshana….
    Just waiting for next one…
    I can imagine next epis are going to be awsm…

    1. Darshana

      Thank u?…i will surely try to post soon..and i really hope that it meets your expectations?

  12. V.V.harshita

    awsome post soon

    1. Darshana

      Thanks ..i will surely try to post soon?

  13. Wow.. It was amazing.. Post soon?

    1. Darshana

      Thanks Pari..i will surely try to post soon?

  14. Good job

  15. Loved it ..the way sona narrates the episode was superb….post soon!!

    1. Darshana

      Thank u so much..??..i will surely try to post soon

  16. Awesome?

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