It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 9 #realisation#

Hey ! are you’s episode is special because today someone will realise that he/she is in love …i guess you all know that who that someone is….so here you go with Epi8#realisation#

#sona’s voice#
Stop thinking about him..get back to work..when I was heading for the kitchen, Nikki stopped me…
Nikki:sona di…yeh dress dekho na ..kaisi hai(sona di..look at this dress is it?)
She showed me a magazine in which a model was wearing a grey colour gown ..
Sona:the design is good but colour..
Nikki:acha nahi hai (not good )

I said with guilt…because I thought Nikki liked the dress .
Nikki:even I didnt like the colour…
Sona:its a dull colour.
Nikki:ya..bhai’s favourite colour
She said this with a chuckle..

Dev likes grey colour…..and then i said what i should not say
Sona:grey is not a bad colour is not looking good on this dress..otherwise even I like grey
Nikki:but you just said its a dull colour..
Sona:umm..i have some work..excuse me.!!

Nikki:but di..
I rushed into the kitchen..what I am doing this??..what would Nikki think of me..sona sona stop it now..just concentrate on your work!…got it….
I opened my notepad and started making a new diet plant for was all going well for a while when….when I heard his voice…

Dev:I heard you wanted to discuss ma’s reports..
I quickly turned and saw him,standing in front of me..looking straight into,my eyes..i stood dumbstruck..i mean how??..he returned so soon…
OMG!he said Sonakshi..i came out of my shock and saw him moving towards me ..looking straight at me……the…
I stammered out of nervousness…
Dev:why are u nervous sona..

What did he just call me sona…what is he upto?..i moved a little back ..surprised by his behaviour.. And accidently the reports which I was holding fell on the floor with a THUD which bought me back to reality…i was all alone standing in the kitchen…reports lying on the floor..and no sign of him…i picked up the reports…
I wanted to cry on my state..i was just not able to understand what was happening to me…neither was I able to concentrate on my work…
So I asked aunty

Ishwari:haan sona ..kya hua?(ya sona..what happen?)
She was sitting in her room reading some religious book
Sona:actually..i wanted to ask whether I can go early to home today?
Ishwari:haan ..koi problem nahi( problem)

Sona:thank you!
She is so sweet…she didn’t even ask questions and thank god she didn’t…
#ishwari’s voice#
Yeh Sonakshi ko aaj ho kya gaya..subha se disturb hai..(what happened to Sonakshi today..from morning she is disturbed)…hope everything is fine with her and her family…
#sona’s voice#
I worked for 1 more hour and then i left..
I reached my house..thank god ! Elena was in college, or else …she would have eaten my brain asking questions…i sat on my sofa…and tried not think about him…but he kept flashing in my mind..sometimes his voice,many times his face…i tried to sleep…

I heard a low yet clear whisper..someone was calling me by my name…i looked around there was no one…and then all of a sudden a girl of my age…wearing the same clothes…same short Sonakshi stood before me..ya Sonakshi,it was like i was seeing myself in a mirror but i wasn’t looking in a mirror…i blinked..thinking that she may disappear but she didnt..and then she started speaking.

S:stop blinking Sonakshi.
I immediately stoped blinking
Sona:who are you?
Okay i agree that was really foolish of me to ask!
S:Sonakshi of course!..i didn’t knew that i am such a big Dumbo…
I was embarrassed…i myself was saying myself dumbo…!!
Sona:what do you want?

S:why will i want anything?..i just want to tell you something…
S:you know that but still you are not able to realise it…ready to listen?
I gulped…and then finally i said

S:Sonakshi you are in love…that too with your Mr.dixit aka obudhru
Sona:this cant happen!
S:it has happened…you always imagine him..he comes in your dreams..these are the symptoms of love my dear…it’s love my dear..
She came close to me and whispered those last lines in my ears…(Its love my dear..) and then she vanished…

It took me sometime to figure out what has just happened…i said to myself
Sona:Ms.sonakshi Bose is in love…sonaskhi you are in love….
And slowly slowly a smile formed on my face…i jumped on my sofa…shouting

Sona:i am in love…i am in love….
After exhibiting my excitement for sometime i stepped down from the sofa and sat .
Still I was smiling and i guess I was blushing..and then my phone started ringing…it was Mr.dixit…ya he was calling me..i jumped in excitement…and then controlling my excitement at least trying to keep it out of my voice…recieved the phone..
Dev:hello..Ms.bose..i mean Dr.bose.

I wanted to say him that I love him…but I controlled myself
Sona:yes Mr.dixit.

Dev:I just had a talk with ma and she said that you wanted to discuss her reports with me…
Sona:ya thats true..but its not urgent we can do it when you come back.
Dev:its okay I can manage now…nothing is more important than ma’s health.
Sona:okay then …
Dev:will it be possible for you to come on video will be easy to discuss reports there.
Sona:ya no problem

I disconnected the call…video call..that means I will be able to see him…yipeeee….thanks to aunty!
I quickly took a glance of myself in a mirror…and then logged into my Skype…as soon as I did..i recieved a call from him….once again I checked myself because I did not want him to see me blushing..or smiling like an idiot and finally I recieved his call…

Dev:hey! ya is there any complications?? infact aunty’s health has improved a lot…(in this manner their conversation goes ..)
Dev:thats amazing!…its all because of you that ma has improved a lot..
Sona:no Mr.dixit..a doctor can just give instruction to his/her patients but untill and unless the patients follow nothing can improve their health.. even the worlds best doctor can’t make any improvements.

He smiled ..i don’t know why but he looks really good when he is smiling…
Dev:ok..and I forgot to ask you..are you okay?
Sona:ya.. I am ..what happened to me?
Dev:don’t you think that should be my question…you left early so ..
Sona:oh!..ya..actually just headache so ..

I completely forgot that I left early…stupid me
Dev:sorry to disturb you ..
Sona:no no..its okay ..i am fine now
Dev:thats great..okay then take rest.

He was about to disconnect the call…but I didnt want him to do so..i wanted him to keep talking to me…
I was finding something to say, so that I can stop him from disconnecting the call.

Sona:when are you coming back?
Dev:I don’t know..maybe after 2 days..or at least I will try to come by the end of the week
I was sad ..he is going to take this much of time…

Dev:what happen? look sad
I tried my best to cover up my sadness
He smirked and asked me

Dev:do u want me to come early?
Oh no!..what did he ask..of,course i want him to come back soon but how could i say that to him..but i didn’t want to tell him no..i could sense that my face was turning no..sona control
Sona:no..why will i want you to come early?
Dev:oh!..i didnt knew that I am so bad
I felt guilty..i wanted to say him..that not at all,he is the best!..but before I could say anything..
Dev:don’t worry ..i was just kidding..

I guess he sensed my discomfort…i didnt speak…
Dev:I am sorry…
He looked so cute when he says sorry…i smiled
Sona:its okay!
He smiled back…

PRECAP:not yet decided..sorry

So guys how was it??..hope it was good…if you liked it pls pls comment…
Silent readers if you there pls let me know..that you are reading my works..incase you want any improvements ..pls comment!
Bye…meet you all in my next!

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  1. V.V.harshita

    Awesome….. Post soon and the realisation was nice….

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  3. Realization was funny. Devakshi conversation was cute. Pls post next one soon.

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      Oh!..i am so happy that u found the realisation funny..thank you..i will surely try to post soon?


    Awesome yaar ?Post soon

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  7. Aamu

    Oye..hoye…..oh yeah..!!!…..
    Sona realise..yeah….i loved dat scene where sona conscious tell her..’its love my dear…’ N disappears dat was lovely scene….
    N d video call scene was no less…
    I loved whole… ??..
    Post next soooon..
    Love u…
    N dev babu ko b realize karwa do..serial ki tarah…sona ko tadpana mat..pls..!!?…
    N yaaa i remembered der confession epi…reading..’i love him..i love him’ from sona…i remembered her dialogue..’he loves me ..he loves me’ n she had dance n jumped…
    Perfect..just perfect..
    Love yaaa…
    Post jldi jldi

    1. Darshana

      Thank you so much dear..ya that “I love you dev” scene and dancing jumping I have taken from the serial…i just loved those scenes????….and those scenes according to me were the best scenes of krpkab
      coming to dev..promise he will realise soon..but let see how does he realise it?
      honestly I am still thinking about it….
      I will surely post the next one soon
      loads of love to u????????

  8. Yvonne Codner

    Awesome Darshana..I enjoyed it to the max..Looking forward to the next episode with bated breath. LoL

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