It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 8

Before i start i would like to say a big thanks to all my readers..i feel so lucky to have readers like u?..pls keep supporting ya here we go with the next!
Dev:you are no less than a kid..
Dev:you can’t cross the road come i will help you cross the road..(holds sona’s hand)
Sona:(looks in dev’s eyes and mutters )how can this obudhru be so caring?
Dev:did you say something?
Sona:umm..ya that I am not a kid.
Dev:(smirks)what a joke! come
Dev helps her to cross the road while Sonakshi keeps looking into his eyes ..she was surely impressed.
Sona is now in her of course has left..sona is trying to sleep but whenever she is closing her eyes dev’s flashing again and again.
#sona’s voice#
What is this happening..??..why is this obudhru not letting me sleep..ughhh!..just go dev just go…let me sleep….pls pls..
Its my off today..its not Sunday but still because i worked overtime yesterday so obudhru gave me an off..he is not bad when it comes to taking care of his employees..i am going to enjoy a lot..
I headed to elena’s room and ..
Sona:hey elu..kya kar rahi hai(what are you doing?)
Elena:hi..nothing..just surfing to find some latest songs.
She always does this..she has a fad of downloading and listening to the latest song that comes in the market at the earliest.
Elena:you did not go to office today?
Sona:no..i have a off ..why don’t we do something?
Elena:that would be cool..but what?
After thinking for a while we shouted together..our favourite timepass…”SHOPPING”
Sona:ok done..get ready we will be leaving soon to the new mall..i heard it has the latest collection.
Sona and Elena went for shopping …of course they enjoyed..bought lots of stuffs..clothes,jewellery,cosmetics was almost evening by the time they returned..

#sona’s voice#
Finally we reached..due to continuous walking my legs were paining but i was happy..because Elena and i have enjoyed a lot…it was so much of fun and the mall offered us so many stuffs!…its almost 7 pm ..
I changed and sat on my sofa feels extra cosy when i am tired..i switched on the T.V….but these days the T.V. has become so boring…all that saas bahu serials..i kept switching the channel when i found ..guess??..DDLG(dilwale dulhania le jayenge) going has just started..its not that i am seeing it for the first time..i have seen it numerous time but each and everytime i get excited for seeing never gets boring though i remember most of the dialogues by heart..and that song “tujhe chum luon main”…and then Elena interrupted my thoughts.
Elena:fir se DDLG(once again DDLG)
Elena:tell me one thing..teri apni bhi koi love life hogi?(will you have your own love life?)
Sona:of course..any doubts?…infact meri love story sabse alag hogi(infact my love story will be completelydifferent)..not like typical fairytales..completely unique!…
Elena:dekhte tere iss unique love story main tera partner kaun hoga(let see who is going to be your partner in your unique love story)..?
#dev’s voice#…i shouted on the top of my voice..
Ishwari:kya hua(what happen?)
Dev:ma pls help me in packing..aapko toh pata hai na mujhe se yeh sab packing wacking nahi hoti(you know na..i cant do this packing wacking)
Ishwari:packing!..kyoun..(why?)where are you going?
Dev:ek business meeting ke liye London jana parega..(for one important business meeting i will have to go to London)
Ishwari:par Abhi to Tu aaya Tha na(but you just came now..)
Dev:i know but kam toh kam hota hai na(i know but work is work)
Ishwari:hmm..chal ye shirt le jayega(hmm..will you take this shirt)
I have flight at 2 am..

#sona’s voice#
I reached as usual but there was something unusual in the environment…ya I don’t know why?..everything seemed normal but still…nikki,Ria were sitting on the sofa having a look at the latest fashion magazine…aunty was in her room…i headed for the kitchen and then I remembered that I have to discuss aunty’s reports with Mr.dixit…
Sona:Nikki is Mr.dixit there?
Nikki:ya..bhai apne room main honge(bhai he will be there in his room)
Sona:hmm okay..
I headed for his room..when I reached I found the room completely sign of him..not even in the room..
Ishwari:Sonakshi tum yahan(Sonakshi you here)
I turned back and saw auntyji standing there..
Sona:haan..woh mujhe Mr.dixit se milna tha(ya..actually I wanted to meet Mr.dixit)
Ishwari:oh!..but sorry ..woh toh yahan nahi hai..infact India main nahi hai..( he is not here..infact not even in India)he is in London.
Sona:kya London?(what London?)
I was shocked..dont ask me the reason!..because I myself don’t know.
Ishwari:kal raat ..achanak se usse koi meeting ke liye jana pada(yesterday night..all of sudden he had to leave for a meeting)
Sona:oh!..when will he be back?
Ishwari:pata nahi..(don’t know)..when his work will complete he will come back..anyways my breakfast is ready?
Sona:ya..its on the dining table.
don’t know when he will come??..i hope he comes second sona..why do want that obudhru to come soon??..have u gone mad sona…is it for discussing reports?..i don’t think so…oh god what is this happening to me??..
#ishwari’s voice#
Why was this Sonakshi asking so many questions…is there something between no it cant be….maybe those reports were important so she wanted to discuss and all…
Hey guys how are you all???? was it haan…hope it was good..was it short??..if u felt so then really sorry..i have planned something which I want to write only in my next so….
Silent readers if there are any…pls pls let me know that you all are there…through your comments?
Pls encourages me to write the next…
Keep smiling?..why??..because its free of cost?
Bye for now..see you all in my next!!

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  1. Akshita

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      Sure dear…i will post soon…?…about your second request I can just say..wait and watch!?

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    It was awesome…….post asap!!! ???????

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  3. Amazing plz provide the link of previous episode dear

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      Thank you ?…..and here goes the link of previous episode

  4. Aamu

    Hey sorry forate cmnt..n i read d previous now only…well this was superb..sona had started falling for himm..dats great..
    N wat bout she here too a possesive one..?? No..pls…!!..
    N advance sorry…i wilk read tikk 25_ den ramzan gonna start n i cant read for a month..sorry…
    But i will read all after..for sure

    1. Darshana

      Oh its okay dear…thanks?….
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      1. Aamu

        Yah..ramzan is gonna stat from 27…so till 25 i will read coz on 26..preparations would b going on na..!!.
        N ishwari..ko pls possesssive mata mat banana..pls..!!!
        N thanx for ur wishes dear?

  5. sooo good I read all ur ff cmenting on this …superrr

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      Thank you..glad to have a new reader….???…stay tuned

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    I just read ur FF again, from the beginning. It’s sooooooooo amazing!
    I really loved it!

    Post asap!

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      thank you so much Niki…i am so happy that you loved it?!!!!…
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  7. Wow that was awesome…post soon

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