It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode-7 by Darshana

Hey this is you all remember me??? I hope so and my ff too…
But I know its been a long gap around 16 days and I am really sorry for is a short summary of the ff incase you have forgotten the story .

Sonakshi Bose is a nutritionist while Dev Dixit is the owner and founder of ishwari chain of industry.
Dev and sona meet in a business award function where dev gets an award for the youngest businessman while sona’s best friend gets an award for best businesswoman.(so that’s why sona was in the function) . Their fight starts from here and dev gives a warning to Sonakshi that “he will not spare her if he sees her again”.
Days pass and sona gets a job of a personal nutritionist and her patient is Ishwari Dixit..she doesnt know that she is the mother of Dev..neither dev knows that sona has started working for his ma..because he was in France for a conference and his secretary has given the job to sona. Sona soon becomes attached to Nikki and ria…even ishwari started liking Sonakshi .
Its neha’s marriage . Here Neha is a fashion designer and works in Paris..her marriage is arranged to Ranveer..Neha doubt herself whether she can handle this relationship or not..but she doesnt shares her doubts with anyone..
So everyone assuming that she happy kick start the marriage ceremony..engagement..sangeet etc. Dev has also arrived and on seeing sona,he is in complete shock and sona not knowing that he is the man of ishwari mansion tells ishwari that he is not good..??…(in case want to read in detail here is the link. ) but ishwari understands sona and forgives her.
Finally its the day (neha’s marriage)..everything is set ,Nikki and Ria is sent by ishwari to bring Neha -the bride down …
Nikki and Ria come down after a long time that too without Neha..
Ishwari:where is Neha??..nikki Ria will you say something.
Nikki looks at Ria and keeping her voice low says
Nikki:ma woh di..
Ranveer’s mom:yeh sab kya ho raha hai
what is all this happening?)
Dev:Nikki what happened?..where is Neha?
Nikki:bhai..neha di apne …
Ria : Neha di apne room main hai (Neha di is in her room..)but she is not opening the door.
Nikki:we tried a lot but she refused to open the door.
Ishwari:dev Tu Jake check karna..(dev you go and check )
Dev:Haan ma(yes ma)

#dev’s voice#
I headed towards neha’s room with my mind bursting with confusions..neha is tough,if she decides something then she will not change her decision …so i that cant happen..ughhhh! the more i thought the more i got confused..
I was standing right in front of Neha’s door but still at some distance..and to my shock i saw Sonakshi standing outside the door..she didn’t see me as she was facing the closed door…i muttered to myself.
Dev: what the hell is she doing here?…
I was about move but then i heard neha’s door unbolting..i guess Neha was opening the door..i hid ..i don’t why but my mind said and i followed it..i hid behind a wall..from there i saw Neha slowly coming out..she was completely dressed like a bride…seeing Sonakshi she smiled which confused me and then she hugged her and said “Thank you”..ok so that was mind was overloaded with doubts ..the girl whom i hate the most is receiving so much of love from all my family members …i moved towards them

She hugged me and said ” sorry” ..
Dev:its okay..but now hurry..time is rushing and everyone is waiting for you ..
I looked at Sonakshi..i wanted her to speak but she gave me a complete blank expression..then she helped Neha down…everyone was happy seeing her and of course Neha had to say sorry to everyone..she said that there was some problem in her dress which Sonakshi solved it..i couldnt believe this..neha is a fashion designer and she needed someone to solve problems related to her dress that too Sonakshi..impossible I said to myself..but everyone present agreed and the marriage ceremony started…

After 3 long hours everything was completed and now it was bidai..i tried talking to Neha but its impossible to talk to a bride …surrounded by people at each and every second!..
So finally I gave up..i headed for sonkashi..i know it would be very difficult to make her spill beans..but that was the only way now..i sighed and scanned the place..luckily I found her standing in one corner near the stairs watching the scenerio from back..i moved towards her..i don’t why I felt a little uncomfortable..but I just ignored that feeling.

I stood beside her..waiting for her to say something but she stood still..did she even noticed me..i doubt..finally I spoke.
Dev:Sonakshi..i mean Dr.bose..
She did not respond..nor did she looked at me.
Dev:are u ignoring me??..
I turned her towards me with a slight force so that I can look at her directly…i was about to speak when finally she opened her mouth.
Sona:i know what you want to ask.
She said this in a very calm voice.
Dev:if it is so then why don’t you just answer me??
Sona:well Neha has so many doubts on whether she could handle this relationship or not..will she be able to manage with Ranveer etc etc…
Dev:but Neha is a very confident girl..she ..
Before i could complete she interrupted me..
Sona:even the most confident girl doubts herself at this point of even happens with men..
Then she looked towards me as if accepting me to say yes or support her.
Sona:oh i am will understand that later.
I muttered “i will never understand”
Sona:did you say something?
Dev:i just are right!
She smiled ..i wonder why and then i understood that she smiled at me because i said that she was right…ughhh!.why did i say so..
Sona:its okay..dont regret this much.
I mean how ?? Is she reading my mind or what..or maybe it was clearly visible on my face..before i could say anything..
Sona:i guess you should move now..
I saw that it was time for Neha to depart..
So now the bidai is over..neha and Ranveer has left..(there part ends here )..ishwari went to her room..nikki and Ria are with her while sona is about to is just sitting on the sofa..he is emotional..after all his sister whom he loved the most has left.
#sona’s voice#

I was about to leave when i saw him..i mean Dev..i mean Mr.dixit sitting on the sofa..he was really emotional ..for the first time i could see a different emotion in him..otherwise just anger will be emitted..i dont know why my heart said me to move towards console him..
I reluctantly moved towards him..he didn’t see me at first because he had covered his eyes with his hands..i in a very soft voice said..
Sona: Mr.dixit?
He quickly tried to cover up his emotion but still he couldn’t..finally he spoke..
I wanted to sit beside him..console him but instead i said..
Sona:i was just leaving so i thought to inform you..
Dev:oh..ok you can leave..
I turned and moved a few steps and then he stopped me..
He said holding my wrist..i turned to face him..i was feeling like i am blushing but i just hope my face didn’t turn red..
Dev:i was just saying that its too wont be safe to go better let me allow to drop you..
Dev:ok then i will get the car keys.
Oh no..dumbo are such a big dumbo..what did you do?? obudhru will drop you..and wait a second why the hell are you blushing..haan what is all this happening??..
Dev:lets go!
Dev:i said lets go..
Sona:ya..ya sure..

I followed him muttering to myself..”stay in your senses Sonakshi”..he in the very formal style opened the door of the car for me to sit..i said thanks and sat..i don’t know why i felt a little awkward..maybe because it was the first time I was sitting in the car with a man..ya i never had male friends in college and all..i was just not comfortable with boys..
It was going music just the AC…working and Delhi’s traffic..we were stuck ..the traffic never seemed to end even at this hour..(its 11pm)
Dev:such a big jam..
Sona:i am sorry
Dev:why are you saying sorry?
Sona:because of me you are stuck in this jam..that too at this hour and that too with Neha..
Before i could complete he interrupted me..
Dev:its okay..
I guess he did not want to talk about i just left it..
Sona:hmm..shall i on the radio?
Dev:ya sure..

I switched it on..and there a program called “its love my dear “was going on this people call and accept their love in front of the whole world…it needs courage doesn’t it?..
The radio jockey said”so here we have the next participant..”
Rj:your name sir?
Participant: shekhar
Rj:ok so shekhar..if that’s okay for you..lets begin
Before he could ask any questions dev switched the some news station..
I looked at him..he ignored me..i sighed and I said him
He was acting innocent
Dev:what why?
Sona:you know what I am asking!..why did you change the station?
I sounded irritated.
Dev:because..because its my
Sona:ok ok I got are so
Dev:i don’t why these girls are so complicated.
Sona:the boys are more complicated..
Dev:no girls..
Sona:I said na boys..

Before he could say something blow of horn disrupted our conversation..thank god ,I couldnt bear him any more.
It is now almost half an hour ..we are still in the same position..or i guess moved a cm.
I am already irritated and this jam is just increasing my irritation. The same was happening with Dev..he kept hitting the sterring out of irritation.
I too out a magazine and then I saw an interview..of dev..i mean Mr.dixit
I don’t why I just started reading and in the whole article he kept saying..”my mother has done a lot of scarifices for me”,”its all because of my ma”…amazing I said to myself..this man loves his mom a lot..
Sona:you love your ma a lot na.
He was suprised or rather shocked because I started the conversation again.
Sona:everyone loves their mom a lot..but I guess you owe a lot to aunty..
Dev:ya I do..
Suddenly a smile formed on his face..and then he started talking..completely lost in the conversation..
Dev:when I was ma..
He went on..i doubt I heard much because i was so very much mesmerised with his smile..he looks so good while smiling…omg!..sona what are you thinking..stop stop..
Time passed so soon…
I reached home..i don’t know why I just did not want to get out of the car..strange like min before I longed to come out and now I just wanted to sit with him..ya with him…i don’t why..i don’t whats happening to me..


Dev parked his car opposite of sona’s sona have to cross the road and go..
Dev:we reached…finally!
Dev:what happen?
Sona:nothing..nothing!(hiding her sadness)
Dev:ok(getting out of the car with sona)
Sona:why are you coming?..i can cross the road on my own.
Dev:i know but…
Sona:bye (smiles)
Sona moved backwards…looking at dev and then suddenly a speeding car rushed towards her..but dev saw it and he rushed and pulled sona from the way..
He hugged sona ..ya hugged her…
Dev:you okay?
Dev:you should be careful na(angrily)

So how was it guys???..hope it was good??..pls pls comment..will be waiting for your comments…
Love you all???
P.s:-hey all the ff writers ..i will be reading your ff each and every episode and will try to comment will take time..i hope you all understand …

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