It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 28

Dev is standing in front of the mirror…he is wearing a sherwani..and putting his turban..he looks gloomy but his eyes full of anger.
All of a sudden dev hears a sound …as if someone is knocking…
He looks here and there but finds no one…finally he figures out that..someone was knocking at the window…
The mandap is shown..well decorated with flowers…
On the left hand side there is a wooden chair on which Ishwari is tied..with a thick rope…beside her stands Mr.gujral
Gujral:samdhan ji..i hope everything is according to your wish…oops!..i mean according to my wish.
He laughs an evil laugh!
Ishwari:no one will stay one(she shouts)
Natasha wearing a bridal lehanga comes down..from the other side comes bridegroom…
Marriage rituals start…
Soon they start taking 7rounds…tears flow from ishwari’s eyes…she keeps saying”dev dont ..pls dev”
Finally the marriage completes….
They come forward to take blessings…
Gujral:sada sukhi raho…(always be happy)..and dev make sure that Natasha always stays happy..
They come to ishwari(she is still tied)
Ishwari:this was not right Natasha…you wont be happy…dev..i am sorry..because of me..
Gujral:Natasha..both of you go to your room…
Natasha:sure dad

Gujral unties ishwari
Gujral:samdhan ji you are free to go home…
Ishwari looks in the direction of Natasha’s room
Gujral:ishwari ji..dont will come to meet you ..but for now let him enjoy his first night
Bejoy:Sonakshi are you coming…
He literary pulls sona’s hand…sona keeps looking at dev…
(bg music:naina from Badrinath Ki dulhania)
Dev:Sonakshi please stop!
Ishwari:bhai ne..
Bejoy:enough..i dont want to listen anymore…its all over now! forget sona…forever…
Sona is in shock..she keeps looking at dev..tears fall from her eyes
Dev too looks back at sona..with tears emerging from his too…
Bejoy drags sona out of ishwari mansion
Sona’s house
Bejoy:Sonakshi…listen to me…you need not cry for him…he did not deserve you…
Sona runs to her room and locks herself
Bejoy:leave her..give her time..she will be fine
I know i did not post for almost a month…really sorry for that! I posted 2 times before this but due to some reasons it got rejected
And i have started a new ff “Mr.abodhru”
Dev and sona get married…they are completely opposite of each other..they dont love each other..they just hate each other
Then why did they marry?..will they ever fall in love? Will they lead a successful married life?
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