It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 23

Hey guys ! i am with the next…this time quite early because i was kinda free…but before i start i would like to you that i am not happy with the response of previous episode..and if this continues then it would be difficult for me to post episodes….

Bose house
Bejoy:okay ..i agree for your marriage with dev
Sona:thank you so much you!
She moves to hug bejoy but bejoy stops her
Bejoy:i have a condition but..
Asha:ye keh rahi ho?(what are you saying this?)
Sona:kya condition hai baba(what condition baba?)
Ishwari mansion
Nikki:kya Hua?what did the pandit say?
To which ishwari tells Nikki about the problem
Nikki:toh engagement hum iss Sunday kar lets hai na(so lets do the engagement this Sunday na)
Ishwari:but this will we do all the arrangement?
Nikki:dont worry …we all will manage

A big hotel in Delhi
The manager and all the staff are running form place to place..
Manager:arrange the flowers there..
The manager is supervising each and everything personally..
(chat between two waiters)
W1:aaj yeh manager bahut tension main hai..kaun aane wala hai aaj?(today this manager is in so much tension..who is going to come today?)
W2:tujhe nahi pata kya?…US se na bahut bade aur amir aadmi aane wale hai apni beti ke saath(you dont know…from US a very big and rich man along with his daughter is going to come..)
Just then someone says..
Wo aagaye(they came)
Everyone looks towards the entry…and
A white Mercedes parks infront on the poach and the driver comes out and opens the right side door from which a man of about 50-55’s or more comes out wearing a 3 piece suit..
Then the left side door opens and a young lady wearing a short blue dress and hair left open comes out ..
They both then together enters the hotel..
The manager greets them with a bouquets of flowers and welcome drink…
After some formalities they head towards their room
“now at least tell me ?” the girl pleaded.
“your curiosities will come to an end on this Sunday..till then wait”
Saying so the man leaves and the girl murmurs beneath her breath
“god knows what’s going in Dad’s head”

Bose house
Bejoy:i want this marriage to take place according to bengali rituals..if you agree then i have no problem but if you are not ready then it would be better that you forget my daughter forever
Bejoy:no sona..even i want to see whether this man will be able to fit in our family or not!(smirks)
Dev(looks at sona and gives her a assuring look)as you wish …i am ready for it
Bejoy:what about your family?will they agree too?
Dev doesn’t reply at first
Bejoy:i knew it…
But then dev interrupts him
Dev:they will agree..because their happiness lies in my happiness(smiles)

(dev leaves sona house and goes to office from because his office was nearer and he even needed a car so)
Ishwari mansion
Around 9pm
Ishwari:yeh dev kahan hai..ab tak aaya kyun nahi..(where is this dev..why didn’t he come yet?)
And just then dev enters
Ishwari:dev acha Hua Tu aagaya..mujhe tumhe se bahut hi important baat karni hai(dev good you came..i want to tell you something important)
Dev:even i want to discuss something with you.But first you tell?what happen?
Then Ishwari narrates the thing about engagement …
Dev gets excited but then bejoy’s words rings in his ears and he gets a little tensed
Ishwari:kya Hua?khush nahi hai(what happen?are you not happy)
Dev:no i am very happy but..
Dev narrates the whole thing and bejoy’s condition
Ishwari:toh isme problem kya hai?(whats the problem in this?) you dont have any problem?
Dev:wow!…thank u so much u!..i will tell about the engagement date to sonakshi
Dev leaves to his room
Ishwari’s POV
Kitne saalo bad dev itna kush hai..bas uski kushi ko kisi ki nazar na lage(after so many years dev is so happy..hope no one eyes his happiness)

Dev’s room
Dev was about to call Sonakshi but then he stopped
Dev(to himself)but if i go and tell would be more fun..but its 9now and i dont think baba will allow Sonakshi so shall i tell her tomorrow…but i cant wait this much…what to do ?….idea!..i will silently get into her room and meet her…wah! Kya idea…you are great dev but agar baba ne pakar liye toh main mara(but if baba caught me then i am dead)…but if go when he is will he catch me?..(grins)
precap:devakshi romance…engagement….past !!!

so sorry guys for not including devakshi’s engagement..actually i thought of including a little bit of romance so ?..but the next episode is going to be long and as well as the most important episode of my ff…so dont miss it and do comment…or else i wont post the next!

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