It’s LOVE my dear..(krpkab) episode 22

Really sorry!..i know i am very late so without any further delay here you go with
Hey everyone!..waiting for this episode here you go(happy reading?)
And then sona wearing a white saree with black borders enters and all of a sudden the whole hall was filled with turns to look and finds sona standing there with a smile …he smiled back in surprise…
Dev extends his hand towards sona
Dev:welcome my better love …my life !
Sona blushes…
R1:congratulations mam how do you feel?
Sona:(looks at dev)i feel as the most luckiest person in the world…bahut logo ko pyaar hota hai lekin sab ko unka pyaar nahi milta.(i feel as the most luckiest person in the world…many fall in love but everyone aren’t that lucky to get love)
R2:what are the qualities you like in Mr.dixit and what you don’t?
Sona:he is very sensible,understanding and so caring…but as everyone has some bad qualities he too does ..he is short tempered..
Dev:nooo..not at all!
Sona:you are dev!
Before dev could say
Ishwari:(whispers)bas ..puri duniya dekh rahi hai(stop..the whole world is watching)

Everyone smiles seeing the chemistry between devakshi…while they stand embarrassed
R5:we all wish you the best for your future life..
Finally the conference comes to end.
Dev:Sonakshi you weren’t going to attend na..
Sona:ya but then Nikki convinced me
Nikki:meri liye kuch bhi impossible nahi!(nothing is impossible for me!)
Dev:ab Bata bhi de..kaise kiya(common tell did you do this?)
Nikki:bhai apne woh dialogue toh suna hi hoga”Dar ke aage jeeth hai”(bhai you would have surely heard the dialogue”infront of your fear lies victory”
Dev:Haan toh uska kya connection hai?(ya but what is the connection here)
Sona:oh dev! She just explained me that i should overcome my fear…
Nikki:smart na?
Dev:after all you are my sister.
2 days later…asha and bejoy landed in Delhi that too at 6 in the morning…
#sona’s voice#
Who could it be?..i rubbed my eyes and went to open the door and to my surprise ma and baba were standing in front …i blinked my eyes as i thought it could be my imagination but it wasn’t my imagination they were really standing in front of my eyes…
Sona:ma baba aap log yahan….(with lots of excitement)
They entered… ma hugged me but baba he stood with a frown on his face…
Sona:kya Hua baba..aane main koi problem hui(what happen baba…did you had some problem in coming?)
Bejoy:sona main jo bhi puchanga sach sach bolna(whatever i will ask you will have to reply truthfully)
Bejoy:do you know someone by the name of Dev Dixit?

And then he interrupted
Bejoy:do you love him?
I never accepted such a direct question from him…i was dumbstruck but then i replied
And then again he interrupted me
Bejoy:you have plans of marrying him?
With lots of nervousness i replied
Sona:yes baba…
Asha:kya keh rahi hai tu(what are you saying sona?)
Sona:ma woh…
And then baba spoke angrily precisely saying he thundered…
Bejoy:i never accepted this from you…never ! I trusted you the most and you…you planned everything yourself ..didnt even felt the need to inform us?…
Sona:baba i am really sorry..i wanted to inform you..
Bejoy:when?..after you married that man..
Sona:baba pls calm down..give me a chance to explain.
Asha:ek baar Sonakshi Ki bat toh sun lo(once listen to what Sonakshi has to say)

#dev’s voice#
i was doing my regular workout when i got a call from Sonakshi..she was sounding really tensed and she kept repeating jaldi aajao(come fast)…i headed to go but unfourtanetly ma has taken the car …and the other cars were parked in the office building …and this early no cabs were available in this area too…so i literally had to run to her house…
Finally panting and sweating i reached her house…the door was opened by a woman..i took a second to recognize her..she was sonakshi’s mom…and then when i went inside i saw a man sitting on the sofa while Sonakshi standing near him …when she saw me she heaved a sigh of relief…
Sona:why did you take this much of time?
I was interrupted by the man who was none other than Mr.bejoy Bose sonaskhi’s father..
Bejoy:i don’t care how you reached here…i just want to ask you some questions..(meanwhile Sonakshi had explained the whole situation of an unplanned press meet and all to bejoy)
He said strictly like a teacher..i looked at Sonakshi and she gave me “pls handle it”look to me…
Bejoy:do you love my daughter
Dev:yes i do
Bejoy:how much?
Bejoy:how much do you love my daughter?
Dev:as much as you love sonakshi.
Dev:(smiles)sir i know you are angry because we didn’t tell you but trust us ..we wanted to..we never wanted things to go this way…we are really sorry
Sona:Haan baba ..sorry..(yes baba..sorry..)
Ishwari mansion
Nikki:ma bhaiya Ki shaadi main na main lehanga pehanugi(ma in bhaiya’s marriage i will wear a lehanga)
Ishwari:Haan thike(ya okay)
Nikki:aur wo diamond set bhi..
Ishwari:first let me fix the engagement date na..
Nikki:fix na..who is stopping you?
Ishwari:Haan ya exactly no one..
Ishwari makes a call to a pandit(priest)..and asks him to say an auspicious day for devakshi’s engagement…the pandit says it is this sunday that is 16.7.2017…
Ishwari:(on phone )pandit ji..this is too early..mujhe nahi lagta Ki hum itni jaldi saare arrangement kar payenge(i dont think we will be able to do all the arrangement this soon)..koi aur taarik(any other date )
Pandit :agli tarrik 6months baad hai(the next date is 6months after)

“unknown place”
A girl of about 25 years is getting ready in her room when a man enters into her room
Girl:papa ..
That man seems to be the girl’s father..
Man:main bas yahan tumhe itna batane aaya Huon Ki hum log Saturday ko Delhi ja rahe hai(i just want to tell you that we both are going to leave for Delhi on Saturday)
Girl:but why?
Man:no questions!(strictly)
Saying so he leaves while the girl stands confused …
Precap:devakshi’s engagement…drama!!!
I know you almost must be having lots of questions in your mind..and i promise most of them will be cleared in the next episode..till then keep assuming!
Bbbyeee…take care!

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